Thursday, March 13, 2008



I have a bad feeling about being a pacifist in the coming bad times. I know there are principled people who do not believe in violence and I say God bless you. But I am afraid that the time is coming when the rest of us folks can't protect you and the bad guys will get you and do what they want with you and your family. This will not be against an Army of invaders or anything like that. They will probably come along later. It will be from your fellow citizens who will be wandering aimlessly looking for targets of opportunity to rob and pillage. I urge each and every one of you to forsake this philosophy and prepare to defend yourself from an attack. It might be distasteful to your values but it could keep you walking around with the rest of us for a while longer. And if you have a mate and children, for God's sake do something for them. Don't think there is a magical set of words that will protect you because there will not be any such thing. Thus you shouldn't force your beliefs on someone who is not capable of denying them.


Paperists are those who think that words written on paper will protect them from the insanity of the world we live in. These people will believe that if they hold out the Constitution for all and sundry to behold, they will be safe and secure. Not so. There are others who think that various laws and statutes will protect them. Again, not so. Paper is best used for wiping your ass or starting a fire when things get bad. No one will give a bird's butt about what is written on your paper. A shocking amount of people can't read too well these days anyhow. And they won't care to read and understand what is on your paper. If you find this hard to believe just sorta go along with me until you get better proof. It won't take long.


I am not too hot for Christians. Haven't been for a long time. But there are some decent people in Christianity. And if they are decent people you don't want to hold their religion against them. Me, I just preach God and his latest word as much as possible. I don't argue scriptures much any more cause I never saw anyone change their mind in a debate about the meaning of scriptures. But I just talked to a loopy christian this morning. I asked him if he had any survival weapons. He said he didn't have a natural gun but that God was his strength and would save him, or else call him home. I said that was fine. But what about the scripture that says "After having done all, stand." He then broke into saying he had given God his all and there was nothing else necessary. I told him he was full of shit and broke off the conversation. He obviously doesn't understand God on the same plane as I do. And I undestand God on a higher plane that this man. He doesn't know that and wouldn't admit it but it is the truth.


There are good men out in the world who have gotten into trouble, generally in their younger years and they have felonies on their records. Used to be that you could be pardoned from these childish deeds after awhile and your full civil rights restored. Not anymore. Congress doesn't fund the pardon program anymore. The law is on the books but therre is no money to run the program. How's that for your fair government? But these men need to be looked after for when the bad days come. They can't have a gun but you can have one for them. You could have a supply of ammo also. They can shoot black powder weapons and they can shoot bows. I know some that get a deer or two every season. But they can't have as much as a 22 rifle in their home. And it's all bullshit but it is the law and we won' do any good rotting in a prison cell for the rebelling against it. But keep a little something for your freind when the SHTF. I'm sure it would be appreciated.

Stay alive!


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Ryan said...

I think Ghandi had a great quote that was more or less "I am good with Christ but not so sure about chistians".

Felons not being allowed to own guns is stupid. I think that if someone is reliable enough to walk around free then that person should be able to walk around with a gun.