Monday, March 31, 2008


I sit at this computer and I get messages from all over the place. Along with my email comments I read alternate news columns for stuff the corporae media won"t tell us, like the news about the Wyoming Sheriffs kicking ass over the federal agencies and making them walk the line. That is what alternate news is all about.

The news on the economy is absolutely mind boggling. Sometime back in December the spirit said that men would not know which way to go and I am believing that more and more. There is no relativly stable place to put your money these days. Used to be that you could buy T-Bills and they would remain stable when nothing else would. But with the dollar dropping like it is the loss of value due to poor management has taken a great toll. If you buy a T-Bill tht pays 3% but inflation is costing you 15%, where the hell is the justification for buying a T-Bill? It ain't there.

But you and I have to eat breakfast every morning. How is this going to affect us? What does this have to do with what's for supper?

It is going to cost you more, is the answer. Your Bacon and Eggs and your Rice and Beans are going up in price. They may double here pretty soon. And you thought that Rice and Beans would stay cheap forever. And who the hell didn't?

But other countries have learned tricks off the ol' whore we call America and they are using these tricks to take our food and put it in THEIR mouths. A Chinaman now eats more meat in a day than he used to eat in a week 10 to 15 years ago. Chinese girls are growing bigger boobs because their carbohydrate intake has gone up so much. Everyone is much happier.

What is the story when you and I sit down to the table to eat? The simplest of exercises, sitting down to food. It is going to cost you more money. This country is used to the cheapest food prices in the world. A reasonable income meant you just didn't worry about food costs. It was too cheap to mention. People started to eat out a lot because it was fun and less work. Cost a little more, but we had the money. I used to watch Bobby Flay on the Food Channel. He was always saying "Eat America." And it was a very great adventure. You could go into a supermarket in podunk Bedford, Indiana, and eat great stuff from all over the world. Fruit and vegetables and fish and meat and just what ever the hell you wanted. It used to bogggle my mind as to what I could find in a common garden variety supermarket. We were truly blessed.

The blessing is going way, however. Your dollar won't buy what it used to buy. And it is going to buy less. The shelves will get a little less appetising. Not the variety you have been used to. On top of degrading the money, the Bush administration is taking our corn and soybeans to make fuels that we can burn and sell on the open market. We will have fuel to drive to the store and we will have fuel to run our cookstove, but we won't have much to put in the skillet to fry.


So what does all this international hoopla have to do with preppers? What can we doomers do that will help our odds of survival? Get an underground shelter and buy all the storage food you can use. It is an old bit of advice but it becomes more relevant with each passing day. We are finding out the hard way that we don't count in the general scheme of things. The Elite, the Privileged, the Connected: They all matter. We folk who just have bacon and eggs for breakfast and try to survive don't make any waves in the big investment banks. We don't have much say in the oil industry. Our views on Big Pharma aren't published. The results of inflated money are not anything we should concern ourselves with. We just don't matter.

So just get prepared to go against the stream. PREPARE ANYWAY! Grow your gardens. Buy a Number 2 Spoon shovel and get busy digging your underground shelter. When you sit down at the end of the week and look back on what you have done, anything will be a victory! The more you got done the more you will have denied them in their insane plans.

Whne the bombs fall, and they will fall, we will have the irrisistable force meeting the immovable object. I call this outcome CREATION. A creation of fire. And fire is the great purifier. It will clean up all the messes for a while. And it will create many new little countries. Little enclaves of a hundred or two hundred people who have banded together in the common cause of saving their own asses. Hopefully their leadership will have a greater understanding of life than to just save their own ass.

I will write on this subject some more if you so desire. Ask me some questions. Questions are in order. This ain't Christianity. HAH!


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