Thursday, March 13, 2008


I want to say a few words to you folks that read this blog about violence.

Violence is all over this planet! It's in Europe, in the area of the Baltic Sea. There are pockets of it in Eastern Europe. And Russia has it's measure of kidnappings and gang violence, along with Islamic separatists. The Middle East is overrun with killing and violence. You go on along the southern coast of Asia and you will find that from India on toward the rising sun there is violence. There is violence in the Pacific Isalnds. Australia still seems to have a handle on it's killers and such. The length and breadth of Africa is violence. You start at the Mexican/USA border and violence is prevalent clear to the tip of South America. People are killing and raping and dealing in slaves and stealing all over this planet. It is an epidemic of huge proportions. And we sit in this spoiled brat country called America and think it can't happen here.

Well folks, I am hear to tell you that it CAN happen here. The scales are not quite tipped all the way to the bad as yet but they are getting close. There are parts of L.A. that the police won't enter without it being a mass movement. Lone squad cars don't fool with it. The poor cops would be shot on sight if they weren't overloaded with back-up.

Survivalists write and tell you what you will need to survive the coming bad days. For the most part they give very good advice. And they mostly all tell you to get yourself armed. There are a thousand other preps to do but for God's sake don't forget to get some guns and ammo. It doensn't matter how much of the good stuff you have: The food, the water, the medicine, the clothes, the firestarters, the hundreds of other things that we all amass. IF YOU CAN'T PROTECT IT YOU WILL LOSE IT! Can I make it any clearer?


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