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I don't normally write reviews but I have to say I watched a very informative flick last night. The title was BORDERTOWN and it starred Jennifer Lopez. The message of the movie was the immorality of the Mexican and US goverments and their complicitousness with the criminal element that straddles our common border. The low wage workers take what is given them and they better shut up if they don't like it. Muder, rape, back stabbing, political payoffs, abuse of workers.... it's all there. Jenny-from-the-Block plays a reporter who is sent down into Juarez to write a story about a gross amount of murders of women that is going on and semingly can't be solved by the police. I am not going to tell the story but there is some dialogue that will set you free! One part that's so rich it will throw you off your diet is where the head editor of the newspaper that hired Lopez tells her that CORPORATE JOURNALISM was the name of the game and that all they were interested in was NAFTA, globalism, and entertainment. I just about lost it!

This movie is out in DVD and it is very much worth the $1 it cost to rent it. You will thoroughly enjoy watching the rich and powerful party out in the fine section of town, looking down on the habitations of the poor and abused. It is so real it amazes me how this flick ever got made.


It does not amaze me how much our own kind will sell us out for a little more added to their personal plate. Folks will sell you out for their own advancement in a heart beat. And that little trait is what keeps the rich on top and the rest of us under the bootheel of our oppressors. This is why we must be armed and alert when really tough times befall us. That guy with dirt under his nails and a tear in his jeans, just like you, will rip you off if you are not alert.

We all want to survive and we all want to feed our kids and our wife and our friends. This is the way it should be, I reckon. But this world has gotten out of synch. It's fundmentals have gotten all screwed up and arranged out of order. Common decency has pretty much gone by the wayside. You still find it in certain individuals but it is getting to be a rare occurance.


If the S truly HTF then all bets on the use of deadly force are off, especially in those states which have "castle" laws. If the TV and the Internet are full of news about riots and rampaging then you have had "fear" instilled in you by the events of the world. Almost without saying, the thoughts in a person's mind when they commit a possble crime are what the jury uses to decide guilt or innocence. And if it is common knowledge that civil unrest and looting and mayhem are abroad in the land then your defense is worked out for you. Don't talk to the police any more than you absolutely have to. Remember that you will most likely be tried locally, unless federal charges are brought. Local people are more tolerant of folks protecting their own property and family and friends than you might find in a big city. Keep it local if at all possible.

Chances are that if there is a breakdown nationally you won't get charged with a damn thing. Don't you remember the billboards that screamed "We can be prepared or we can be scared" ? You took that to heart! You got prepared! Just like the federal government said to do! Another thing is to not have any living unfriendly witnesses. Dead people cannot testify. But the court system can get swamped in a hurry if things get rotton out there. The cops are the evidence gatherers for the prosecuters. And if there are people getting shot all over the place there ain't gonna be enough cops to investigate all these possible homocides. Be cool headed and don't panic. All things must pass. Keep your mouth shut and talk to no one about your problems. People anymore run their mouth like they were bloggers or something. "You must resist the urge to confess. " Watch "Godfather I" again and you will get the idea. Those old Mafia guys were pretty shrewd when it came to survival and not running their mouths.


There is too much going on in the world of subsonic bullets to ignore anymore. So I am sending the Handmaiden to the local gun store and having her pick me up a couple boxes of Agulia SSS 60 gr. sub-sonic cartridges. I am hearing from Texas and Mississippi and Pennsylvania on this matter and I had better get busy on the subject and find out what it is that these people are talking about. Too many wise heads trying to get someting across to me for there to be any excuse for neglect of the subject. I'll let you know as soon as I find out. That is why I am here. Wish me luck. And wish me Godspeed for having to zero my fucking rifle twice to do this. Once to zero for the subsonics and once to restore my high velocity 22LR zero back into the scope. But life is good and I should have some good range days coming up.

Stay alive!



vlad said...

Zero at fifty yards with high velocity. Mark windage and elevation dials with one dot. Zero at fifty yards with subsonic. Mark dials with two dots.

Aguila SSS 60 gr groups best from 1:9 twist barrel.

Hivel 22 40gr@ 1250 = 136 ft lb
Aguila SSS 60gr@950 = 120 ft lb
Rem subsonic 38gr@ 1000 = 95 ft lb
CCI 22 CB Long 29gr@ 720 = 33 ft lb

Please do take the time to read Tossing Rocks, a comparison of four
subsonic 22 rounds. **

Staying Alive said...

My man Vlad sent this little addenda just now on his original comment to this blog.
see my comments to your blog

** is wrong

that url with an asterisk at each end leads to the wrong info

so that readers may access Tossing Rocks please correct the url to read as follows

thank you

Folks just working to keep it all straight!