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[Here is a rant by the Handmaiden that she wrote a few years ago. It's been 8 years but the thinking has not aged a bit. Lew Rockwell picked it up and published it. I think it is as good a rant as you will get today! Enjoy. Michael]

Squeeze, Baby, Squeeze

by Patricia Neill

I don’t care what you call yourselves, communists or fascists, Democrats or Republicans, Congressmen or Presidents, judges or lawyers, feudal Lords or Monarchs, Multinational Corporations, Friends of the Great Spotted Suck Toad, Gas and Electric Utilities, the Sierra Club, the United Nations or the World Bank. You all have a totalitarian bent and aim for the State to own and control everything and everyone.

You are, in the words of one of the philosophers writing today, moral vultures.
You squeeze and squeeze and squeeze and the more the people of any nation yelp and protest, the more brutal you become.

Good. The more brutal you become, the more the people become aware of your game.
People will stand for quite a bit of your nonsense—but you know that. It also helps when you brainwash them silly and stupid with that scourge of modern times, the television. It is by means of television that you enure them to your violence, and your generic nazi tactics; as long as it isn’t happening to them, they can bear watching it happen to their neighbors. Go right ahead and roast some more Somali kids. We’ll watch.

But slowly, under all the layers of your televised sexuality and your televised violence, and the stupidity of your "news," the idea grows in millions of minds that they are watching the creation of the ugliest totalitarian/fascist beast yet.

Good. Please squeeze harder. Send out more of your goons masquerading as gang members in their cool black suits. Terrorize and kill even more citizens in "the drug-glazed informant told us the wrong house" drug raids. Jack more young pregnant wives up against the wall so they miscarry, and shoot more kids in the back. Use even more tanks.

Please continue, most of all, your policy of stealing property rights through land-grab environmentalism. This is the most important of all. After all, the great mass of humans can live without a free press—we’ve seen that in America for this entire century. By the insidious work of your televised sex and violence, you’ve made sure that people have lost their moral compass, so freedom of religion doesn’t much matter to them. You’ve doing great with the "guns are evil monsters" routine as well. Very few care about justice, so all your illegal searches and seizures have profited you greatly.

Keep it up. Squeeze harder. Some blood needs to leak from our eyeballs.

Do it. Squeeze, baby, squeeze.

Please force more of our young daughters to spread their legs for your unnecessary and invasive government gynecological exams in the schools. Do not listen to their saying NO. Make them do it anyway. Please press all of our young men and women into involuntary servitude via your newest mechanism of "volunteerism." Make them suffer for it. Your doublethink on this issue alone is wonderful: involuntary volunteerism. Orwell would be very impressed.

Squeeze. Squeeze harder.

Indoctrinate the young men and women of the Armed Forces a bit more. With your new sex trials, the men will vacate the service, leaving an armed force of whiny females to defend this country. Good job, that one. Do keep killing all the officials and journalists who discover your tricks and disagree with your policies via Apparent Suicide Syndrome. You’re doing great with this tactic, teaching people who is boss and what thoughts they are allowed to think and say.
With civilians, property rights will be the crux of the issue, which is why the people have had "Save the Earth From Humans" shoved quite prettily down their throats for the past 30 years. Please keep taking away our right—bought and paid for—to do what we wish with our houses, our property, our land. This is good. In fact, if you can manage it in the Congress turned Comintern, raise the taxes on producers, employers, and property owners until they cannot be borne. Put more people out of business and out of work with your "endangered species" ploy. They won’t realize that truly they are the endangered species. Make more species "endangered," for that matter. Take a risk. You’ve earned it, and you’ve become quite good at the Big Lie: make cows and pigs and chickens unavailable for human consumption by putting them on the "endangered" list. Put all animals currently hunted or fished for food or sport "endangered" and then you can outlaw all small arms for civilians.

Squeeze. Squeeze much harder. It is, after all, what totalitarians do best.

You’re doing really well on the death front, with the older ones crying for Dr. Kevorkian to give them his tender mercies, and an entire generation of young women willing to kill their own blood and bone wholesale, aided by the Lords of Medicine. A fine job on this, since now the people can kill and be killed for the sake of convenience.

We’re coming to the historical point where you really start culling the herd of humans—but be careful here, since, after all, it’s those inconvenient humans who provide the money to support your totalitarian agenda. At least, don’t take too many all at once—a few invented in laboratories diseases will do to start—AIDS, Ebola, whatever. Don’t overdo it until the big push, of course.

But keep up the squeeze.

Use your free labor in prisons, where many of you have money invested, to make clothes and other goods for your consumption. This works well, too. Privatize prisons and run them on the Chinese model. If you run into trouble on this, note that most current (and rapidly becoming so) totalitarian governments can easily intimidate their herds of humans by using tanks against the people, and, needless to say, televising it.

Keep using informant lowlives to frame your enemies as well as the innocent among the people. Give the ones you catch extremely hard sentences for not knowing, say, that a government snitch had buried "pipe bomb material" on their property. That’s a nifty tactic, and one some people learned from mightily.

Do not prosecute your agents of the government bureaucracy no matter what laws they break, people they kill, or perjury they commit, whatever they may have done in the "line of culling the herd" just let it pass and cover it up. Make it very clear where the lines are drawn and for whom your laws apply. Among the people, the very very few are appreciative and aware of the lesson.

Squeeze Real Hard.

Keep lying through your teeth. Various current and former rulers are quite adept at this and it teaches the people discernment. This is a fine point, but important. The people learn when they hear when rulers or their agents say "No wrongdoing was done" in the face of blatant and obvious wrongdoing.

Keep well your paparazzi pets, the media. They will live as long and prosper as well as you. They serve you well. Have them oblige you even more by ignoring lies, deceptions, thefts and coverups by squeezing them just a touch as well.

Squeeze us even more, oh "kind-hearted" totalitarians. Until our eyeballs bleed.

On that day, we shall see you reap what you have sown.

March 7, 2000

Patricia Neill is managing editor of a scholarly journal on the life and work of William Blake, the 18th-century artist and poet.

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