Wednesday, March 19, 2008


All my "survival fix" people have been chiming in on their picks for top survival guns and I have decided that I should inject the voice of reason into the discussion. And that statement should get me some comments!

How does that song go, "I live back in the woods you see, the woman and the kids and the dogs and me. I got a shotgun, a rifle, and a four wheel drive and a country boy can survive" And that pretty well tells the story. I actually have 3 shotguns. All 12 gauge. 2 Wingmaster pumps and a single shot slug gun. Total ass kickers! That slug gun will put one round on top of another at 100 to 125 yards all day long. Sweet baby. I'm looking at a picture of my son holding up the head of a 10 point Buck that he killed with that slug gun. Those slugs drop those woods walkers right now. It's really pointless to try to out shoot me when I have the slug gun. You would be wasting your time. "Because you can't stomp us out and you can't make us run, cause one of these old boys made his own shotgun." I almost get into the Spirit when I sing those words.

If someone comes at you in the dark of the night, wanting to take your life and your meager possessions, cut his throat and let his life run out on the ground. And if you can't do that then 12 gauge him. Clack click! One round ready and on the way with a little pull of the trigger. And don't worry, they will know what that sound means when they hear it. It means Church has let out and it's time to pay the Minister. It means the dance is over and it's time to pay the Piper. It means your ass sucks Buttermilk if you have been fooling around where you hadn't oughta.

If you are building a survival arsenal, or battery if you prefer, get your shotgun first. Its the best home defense gun ever invented. Nothing can stand up to a 12 gauge! 00 Buck or slugs, it don't make any difference. Those big time African hunters all had their back up boys with 12 gauge slugs in case Mr. Elephant or Mr. Water Buffalo or Mr. Rhino took exception to being hunted and tried to wreck their ass. Don't kid yourself! When something absolutely has to go down, a 12 gauge will put it there. Those big bore rifles were for sport shooting. The 12 gqauge scatterguns were for plain old-fashioned killing. Might be a good thing to remember the next night the dogs start howling and you hear funny noises and maybe some whispering.

You can always put the butt of your Wingmaster on you thigh and start jacking rounds into your scattergun and laying down "suppressive" fire on what ever is ailing you at the moment. You might not hit a damn thing but you will have them trying to dig you a new basement! And keep the stock and the barrel full length. Things work better if you do that. The gun is easier to control with a full stock and the longer the barrel the longer the tube for holding your extra rounds. I sometimes feel that too much thinking and not enough practice has gone into America's firearms. People get silly about all the gizmos and gadgets they can put on their guns. Hell. just grab an extra box of shells as you head out the door and you'll be alright And you can always take a weapon from your dead enemy and shoot it at them. Take my word for it, the bullet don't know the difference.

And do you remember that Stryker or Streetsweeper that they had on the market about 20
years ago? I never got the hots for one, but they had about a dozen rounds in that drum and they could unload it awfully quick. And it wasn't a machine gun. It was a semi automatic shotgun. And they just rared back and banned the mutha. Too much gun! We can't have civilians running around with these things! It would make the citizens too equal!

I'll stop here and get to my second survival gun in, hopefully, my next post.

Protect yourself and stay alive!



Unknown said...

Now your talking!
If that single shot in the Ultra Slugger from NEF, then I'm deleting al my other blogs! Preach it Brother!

I have a few NEF firearms. I have the above mentioned Ultra Slugger. On another frame I have the 20 Ultra Slugger, 12ga 28" barrel with screw in chokes, and a 26" 20ga barrel choked loosely modifed. Wish I could have them all on one frame, but the Ultra Slugger is built on the ten ga frame, so so going. I feel grat if this was my only shotgun but glad it isn't.

I have two Mossberg 590s. I lucked out in a couple of police trade ins that was looked over and forgotten.

Eventhough I have mostly 12gas, I wish I could have gotten everything in 20ga. I feel its enough gun for anything in NA. And it is less frightening for younger or novice to use. And personally, after 100-150 rounds on a quialifing course, I wish I was shooting the 20ga also. Someone has a sabotted 45 caliber round out for the 20ga. It makes the 20ga a honest killer of deer size game out to 200 yards. Not cheap, like $2.50 a round, but interesting. Have used LEE moulded 20ga slugs with good effect also.

Jerry in So IL

Dragon said...

I go with the New England 12 gauge 3 '' mag (it'll shoot 2-3/4) cylinder bore with rifle sights... no choke...kills deer graveyard dead...and those slugs are subsonic speed wise and put all that energy onto the target and weigh like one oz. Damn.
keep on preaching brother...12 can get the job done...Dragon