Monday, March 17, 2008


I have been reading the business news all over the web this morning and it is like watching a ping-pong game. The Federal Reserve has taken the part of the ball The banks and Wall Street are at one end of the table and the fedgov and the voters in the coming election are at the other end. The money boys at one end scream "We need liquidity!" and the federal reserve rushes in and drops bales of money on them. The fedgov, pretending to be loyal to the people, screams "We must have sound financial guaranteess for our economy!" So the reserve jumps to guarantee that people will have their IRA's and 401k's for their retirement.

And it all looks like it is being done for the nation as a whole. Except all that money is being printed out of thin air and we the people are paying interest on it. The federal reserve guys are so sincere and acting to please so very convincingly, you would almost believe they really gave a rat's ass about what happened. The federal reserve bank is a highly secretive, privately owned corporation. It has never been audited. How much are they taking for themselves every year? Who knows? They don't have to report little mundane things like that. They just take the money and do what they wish and you just butt out, citizen. Now that's power!

Gold has gone way up there. Last time I looked this morning it was almost $1010 an ounce and looking to climb. Oil is between $100 and $110 a barrel. The stock market is flopping around like a fish out of water. Remember that utterance I told you about where the spirit caused a man to say that men would not know what to do? Sure looks to me like some pretty confused people out there in the business world right now.

I have word that Israel has told the USA that they want their annual foreign aid in Euro's from now on. Pretty ballsy for beggers if you ask me! This economy is a mess!


What can we do about the economic mess? Little, if anything at all. Like my friend says, the elephants are stomping around and raising a ruckus and it is not the place for spindly little humans to be hangng out. Some bull elephant gets over the top of you and decides that you are the girl of his dreams and you are in a world of hurt. So don't even think about getting into that jungle where the elephants roar and stomp.

Just go about your normal preparations. Buy what you can and grow what you can and store everything that has a possiblility of feeding you in the future. Have a supply of drinking water on hand. Next to the air we breath, water is our next highest priority. I am more and more convinced that a years supply of food is where it's at. We don't know when the food riots and the martial law and possible insurrection will happen. That tent city in city in California that is being broken up today could go off like a bomb. Would it lead to other people bombs going off? I couldn't tell you that answer. But I can tell you about the hobos during the Drepression. They would walk into a town and march down the street. The locals would join in for the most part. The mob would come to a grocery store and the bricks would come out from under peoples clothing and go through the windows of the store. The people walked into the store through the broken out windows. I know people who did it. Everybody ate for a few days. The refridgerated stuff got eaten first. Canned goods were almost timeless. You got hungry a lot sooner than the cans went bad.

I read where beans and rice are going up in price and becoming scarce in certain areas. People are hoarding against the supposed coming bad times. Remember, it ain't hoarding, its investing in TANGIBLES. Ain't a damn bit different than buying a tanker of oil and selling it at a wild profit to some hapless people. But the powers that be might want to say that you are hoarding a commodity that the public needs. But what will they say to the Argentinan government which has cut off it's farmers from exporting wheat? That government has decided to cease exports until it sees how it's own needs are being met. How would you like to be Italy right now. Italy, the land of the Big Pasta and Noodle dishes. There is no way Italy can grow the Wheat it consumes. And most of Italy's olive oil comes from Spain. Needless to say, Italy is getting it broke off in her ass right now.

But Argentina is not the only country drying up it's food exports. China is doing the same. But they aren't hoarding, you understand. They are investing in TANGIBLES. And its perfectly acceptable to hold goods off the market until the price goes up. It's done all the time. I think I mentioned that the Handmaiden and I have made money off of our food inventory. It's worth more now than when we bought it. And if the economy heads completely South then it will be priceless.

So invest in TANGIBLES for all you can. Guns and ammo are considered TANGIBLES. Don't invest in stocks and bonds and other shyster inventions. Put your money where it will do you the most good in the event there IS NO MONEY OF ANY VALUE.

The system will still sell you food and other goodies in exchange for money. In fact, its written that our money is legal tender and must be accepted for payment of all debts, public and private. Seems to me to be more or less turning into a suicide pact. The dollar is only worth about 71 cents on the world market right now and they are printing billions of dollars with no comparable amount of earthly value to back it up. Its all Monopoly Money. Parker Brothers should sue for infringement! If we can take these dollars and invest them in TANGIBLES then we HAVE to come out ahead. How about that! Us little fish can actually show a profit on something! So get it while you can, my friends, cause it will be declaed illegal one of these days.

The definition of money is different than the definition of legal tender. Legal tender is what HAS to be taken in payment of debt. Money is what MIGHT be taken in payment of debt. If you come along and want my pick-up truck and offer me 20 brand new Wingmasters and 20,000 rounds of ammo I like and I accept it, our separate commodities, truck, shotguns and ammo become money between us and we exchange said money and go our separate ways. Money is a private agreement without the benefit of Uncle Sam being at the bargaining table. Sounds like music to MY ears. In the world it's called BARTER. I'm giving you a technical definition.

So you can store up money and not have a Federal Reserve Note in your possession. You are merely playing the old Swap Meet card in the game of life. Used to be that you had an IRA or a 401k for your investment plan. In the future I would look at cases of Whiskey and toilet paper as more secure than the other investments. Be sure you get your swap paid to you before you pay your part though. Ain't gettting any repo's on once drank Whiskey or once used toilet paper.


At this time in our discussion I would like to talk about OUR COUNTRY and PATRIOTISM. A wise man once said that PATRIOTISM was the last bastion of a scoundrel. I am more and more believing this as the days go by and more of the filth and crap that constitutes our nation is revealed. It seems like every time I hear the fedgov say something about PATRIOTISM I see more of my rights going out the door. When you hear the fedgov talking about PATRIOTISM what you are really hearing is the words GOVERNMENT CONTINUITY.

Yes my friends, the fedgov wants to live no matter what. They have built an apparatus to see that they make it no matter what happens to us poor dumb pukes, or PDP's as my dad used to say. They have an army to make us march where they want us. They have camps to put us in for the sake of "Security". They have built themselves strong bunkers and fortifications to house themselves in the event of an attack on this soil. It is the land of the BIG GOV and the little PEON. I know that doesn't sound to pretty but I am just trying to tell it like it is.

And they tell us this is our country. What a crock of bull manure that statement is. This ain't mine and your country. 90% to 99% belongs to the government or the banks. Where does anyone get off by talking about OUR country. This country was sold out to the banking interests a long time ago. And the fedgov is a major player in land ownership too. This country is mortgaged to the hilt and we peons are about to pay for it as the mortgagess get transfered to someone else. It almost makes you think that this whole thing was arranged. But that would be conspiracy theory and we won't get any play with THAT.

I will cut it off for now. I hope this rant has given you some ideas, some things to think about. Stay ready and stay alive!


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