Thursday, March 27, 2008



I got an email from a good friend last night that said some bad things were going to happen this weekend after the stockmarket shut down. Some very bad things. But they were mysterious things. Things that could not be stated exactly. Cloudy and murky utterances.

I don't like these things and I have a tendency to not believe them. I always ask why it is that internet people find these things and the big boys don't. The fedgov and the federal reserve would like to know about these coming pitfalls. Unless there is some mysterious plan afoot that I have not considered or thought about. America and it's credit standing are what makes a whole lot of the world go around. Our credit makes us able to fight wars. Our credit makes it possible to bribe foreign countries into doing what they don't really want to do. Our credit has weakened the President of Pakistan to the point that he has had to swear in a Prime Minister who opposes his policy of cooperating with the US Defense Department. And the new guys in Pakistan can get their money elsewhere. They don't need Uncle Sugar.

But what would be the deal if the fedgov knows about what we have heard and is NOT moving heaven and earth to prevent it? Right now. While the news is quiet on the subject. Get the plan ready and have the money printed and just swamp the problem the investment banks are having. Flood it with federal reserve notes and let the devil take the hindmost. I just don't know. But I will be watching. You can believe that! It's only about 30 hours until the Friday close of business on Wall Street. See you there!


If you go to you will find this story.

Army IRR Musters
Monday March 17, 2008

The Army plans a physical muster of about 10,000 Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) Soldiers beginning in March. In the past, members of the IRR weren't required to physically report for muster, due to funding reasons. However, following a successful test program last year, the Army has initiated a physical muster program. Soliders required to muster will receive official orders. Soliders required to muster will be paid $190 for the one-day event.

Winston Churchill said not to believe in coincidence in the world of politics. So I don't. So what in the hell is causing the fedgov to muster 10,000 IRR troops for the first time in history? This kinda shit makes my butt pucker. My conspiracy theory mind goes into overdrive. What could be the reason for this muster?

I am wondering if the fedgov is thinking they may need troops to control civilian population in this country. And I know that is a stretch of the imagination. A long stretch. But if the banks shut down and the people can't get their money out to buy food....look out! We Doomers are in a little better position than the masses of idiots in this country. We have a few months or a couple years of food to eat. And we worked to get it. It could save us a lot of trouble in the days ahead.

Businesses need to access their money so they can restock their shelves. If there is panic buying the stores will run out of food and then have no money to buy more. And it goes on and one. But the first thing to remember is that food can become a highly sought after commodity. You gotta eat. If you can't buy food you get rowdy. A rowdy populace is hard to control. Nobody wants to watch their family and friends go hungry.

Keep your eyes open!


We got 2 and 3/4 inches of rain last night. We got 4 and 1/2 inches last week. We got about 3 inches the week before that! Ain't hurtin' for moisture. No sir.

The Beavers are happy. I will do my best to sadden them when it gets dry enough. They really make a mess of the fields and streams when they get going. I now have confirmed that one of my Beavers that I am watching is a muskrat. Big ol' fat boy, but still a dam blower! 12 gauge time coming up.


I have gotten the news that Aguila 22 LR in SSS subsonic form is a wonderful way to hunt without making much noise. You buy the 60 grain bullets and they don't make much noise. You shoot them through a 2 liter pop bottle taped to the end of your 22 rifle and they don't make hardly any noise at all! But I don't know about aiming with that pop bottle taped up there on the end of the gun.

I still advise having plenty, and I mean PLENTY of shotgun ammo on hand. Massad Ayoob says the 20 gauge is all you really need. That's HIS opinion. Maybe for the ladies, though. The recoil of a 12 gauge is a bit much for most of the ladies. A 20 ga. would soften thing up a bit. A 20 ga. could help some guy who was disabled or hurt, too. And being hurt in a time of stress is a bad thing. A very bad thing. Medical supplies to help the hurt and wounded could be a godsend in times of stress. YOU GOTTA PLAN AHEAD FOR THIS STUFF! Let the bank close and your local pharmacy might not have all the first aid you need to buy.


When he was seven I taught my grandson how to safely close a razor sharp locking folder.

Make a fist of your left hand.

Lay the open blade of the knife, cutting edge away from you, under the thumb of your clenched left fist.

With right hand unlock, and slowly move the handle in an arc until it covers the blade.

Children are apprentice people. You can't start too soon to teach safety.
Thank you Vlad! It really works!

I'll go for a while. Plan ahead and stay alive!



vlad said...

I saw the YouTube video of the guy in FINLAND who taped a plastic soda bottle on the muzzle of a rifle. In FINLAND
suppressors are not controlled.


You gotta have BATF permission to put anything on the muzzle to reduce the sound.

DO NOT tape a pop bottle on your rifle.

Dragon said...

field expedient suppressors can be made from one liter coke or water bottles...the warning is correct...they's illegal unless ya pay the tax...Dragon