Saturday, March 29, 2008


The woman has struck again. She was talking today and some good words came out of her mouth and I told her to get her ass in to her computer and write them down. I don't like to see brainpower wasted. She is normally hesitant to get on the soapbox. She is quite happy to leave that to me. But her words had merit and I want you to read them.

She and I were talking about the reason for the Staying Alive blog. I always make some vague statement about telling the people what is going on, about how to stay alive. She came back with this:

"It isn't enough to just want to survive, Gruff Lord. There's got to be a reason to survive; a purpose behind it , or above it. To live with each other and worship God, to live beyond the horror, to be men and women with a vision is what is needed. And that is what you preach and that is the value of it. Not just the nuts and bolts-though you can't do it without the nuts and bolts-but the why behind it all is what counts."

I had her write her feelings and this is what I got. I think this pretty well sums up the heart and soul of the survival mission. You can't make it a better world if you don't stay together and work for it, if you don't have a vision of it being successful, if you don't want good for your fellow man. There are tough times coming, and violence aplenty. People will kill for food. People will kill for just about anything! We must have a vision and we have to work for it. Thus we will demonstrate our reason. Go and prosper, folks.

But remember, if all we can do is fight for our individual home, if all we can do is create a world of
armed pillboxes manned by individuals, then we will become the laughing-stock of History. Stay together and stay alive. We will have a new world to build.


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