Sunday, December 7, 2008


Stored food exists in America. It is held by the federal government. Most of it is underground. I have found it very tough to get any data on this situation. So it turns out I found some of what I needed to know from a truck driver. I found out that the Meremac Caverns is Missouri have a huge amount of food stored in them. In trying to verify this I ran across one web site that said the cave had 4.6 miles of passages. Then I ran across another site that said it had 26 miles of passages. It is not too hard to figure out what the extra miles of passageway are being used for.

Underneath Kansas City is the largest food storage facility in the world, with the biggest freezer capacity in the world. Just figuring on the population of Kansas City eating the food, there is 400 years worth for them.

Most of the food is stored West of the Mississippi. Lots of big caverns out west. I hear rumors of a big cavern under Salt Lake City that the Mormon Church uses for food storage and whatever. I find it hard to doubt the Mormon Cave story. Those folks are preppers from the word go. We are talking HEAVY DUTY preppers.

My friend Charles Bell, the guy who coined the phase DON'T BE FOOLED has a new phrase to go out to the world. LIFE IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THIS HARD. I keep trying to get him to write for us but he always has too much work to do. Hopefully, that will change.

In talking with Charles I mentioned that fact that I was looking for places that stored food for the fedgov. He suggested I look in Eastern Tennessee. It is an 8 or 9 hour drive to D.C. from to Knoxville. That means a truck could leave the area a little before midnight and have food arrive in time for The Congress's breakfast the next morning. Don't it just warm your heart?

There is consternation in the gold market because people will not sell their gold. They buy a bunch of it and won't turn loose. Not even after the price rises! It seems like they don't think too highly of getting Helicopter Ben's Magic Money to replace their real live gold. And I am not a gold and silver freak. If you can't eat it or shoot it or heal with it, what good is it? But to each his own. If I had a million ounces of gold I would invite you all to move in and start your homes! We would run John Lipscomb completely out of seed with our order! But I do not have this financial ability so I will have to do what I can with practically nothing. It just makes it a little tougher is all. We'll get the job done. God will make a way and you can write that one down!

Stay alive!



gott_cha said...

I worked out in KC for a few years. One of the sites I worked at was a Vehicle maintenance facility for the Gypsum mining area of the caverns. We installed elevators of lifting and lowering heavy equipment down to the mining areas. The vehicles were dumpers like UCLIDs and such and also diesel powered tunnelers.
The long and short of this is that the older long time employees all stated those various caverns and adjoining network tunnels went all the way to St. Louis.
If that true, thats a heck of a lot farther than 20-some miles.
Also the networks stretched out to a cpl air bases and ordinance facilities.
Only the imagination is the limit to what ALL IS DOWN THERE.

Dragon said...

Makes the back of your neck tickle a might, now don't it.

Ken said...

...i've heard about the ones in tennesee,they're so the fedgov is not without the stores of the west coast,if the new madrid fault let loose...(been hearing alot aout that lately...coincidence ?)effectively cutting the country in half at old man one of many in appalachian mountains

scoutinlife said...

It's just makes you think how much of the American tax dollars go to taking care of the Goverment officials so they are nice and secure yet the average guy is trying to get by with he makes after taxes and taking care of his family!