Friday, December 26, 2008


I am challenged to think of what to do in the future politically. Should we have a coup and take over one of the political parties and try to make it in the image of Survivalism? Should
we just let the system collapse and start anew?

Let me first address the proposition of taking over a political party and making it in our image. My politics are pretty much being confined to loving my neighbor as my self. That is the way God said to handle it and that is what I will strive for. You treat me okay and I will do the same toward you. I just can't come up with a better idea. I will help you build your buildings and grow your food. You can pattern your school anyway you see fit. You can worship God as you see fit and give him any name you wish. But if you are hurting people and abusing children then I will give them a place of refuge to escape you. If you attack me then I will kill you. Sounds pretty fair to me and I am a bit of a cynic. We are here to live and learn and we will do it the best way we can, for life is a school. I just don't want a political party anymore. I am so tired of political slogans and promises and pie-in-the-sky thinking. I do yearn for the down to earth thinking of logic and reason. And you know what I am talking about. When someone says something that makes sense it resonates within you and you know you have heard something worthwhile. I haven't had that feeling from a politician in a long, long time. There is no love or truth in them.

So my thought of taking over a political party has come to mental naught. It just ain't worth it. All those hassles and political promises to hold the damn thing together just are not worth the time and energy. It would take up valuable time from those trying to build their own system and make it through the hard days ahead. No sense in hobbling a good horse while it's plowing the field. Globalism has failed and the reason for it's failure is it is too damn big. It's too complicated. It is crashing from it's own weight. The time is coming when this country itself will be too big to govern with any sort of realistic logic and sense. And when that time comes, because nature abhors a vacuum, we must be ready with our settlements stretching from coast to coast, or at least concentrated in a few states for mutual aid and protection. We have to be ready to step up to the plate and hit the ball. If we don't, another mass of losers will inherit our birthright again and I don't know if we can stand that. We have lived too long under duress as it is.

I guess what I am saying is to let the system collapse and be there to fill in the blanks when creation demands it. We are sitting here in this country with some of the most unique conditions ever imagined by any political and religious people in history. And as a group we have NO RELIGION and NO POLITICAL AFFILIATION. We just believe in doing things to survive and get along. Our connection is simple to the maximum degree. But it is worthy of expression and continuity. I am not telling you how to rule your life. You make up your own rules. Your continued existence will be the judge of the soundness of your personal doctrines. If called upon I will advise. I will even help if I can. And when I say "I" I mean my people, because I may not be alive for too many more years. But the day of anarchy and lack of order is not too far off and you must be ready to perform at your best level. Do not take the world situation lightly. It has been set up and manipulated by a power outside this earth. Cretins in positions of power think they have control but I say to you they have very loose hands on the reins. They are NOT running the show. And what I have told you in this paragraph should be enough to tip you off that another hand is steering the boat. There has never been another time when all these things have come about so strongly. There has never been a time of opportunity such as we have now. It is unheard of in history. Do not pass it up. Get ready. And stay alive.



treesong said...

Great post Michael.

However, it's not a matter of letting the system collapse; it is collapsing and will continue to. Though the powers that be on this earth think they can delay it, they're fooling themselves.

Carry on, Treesong

Mayberry said...

The fedgov will cease to be, I believe, and as you have said many times, folks will form into small groups of the like minded. Those groups will have to fend off the rogues and folks with ill intent. Those who failed to heed the warnings. But we will prevail, and prosper. We will live......