Monday, December 15, 2008


I have not posted for some time because I have run out of energy. All I have been able to do is sleep. Yesterday I had Scoliosis of the blow-hole and was going to the bathroom quite a bit. And I sleep. My God but I can sleep! I have cut off my tincture therapy for possible influenza as I think it is too much for too long. That stuff is powerful and while I may not be getting the flu, it is raising hell with my guts. The Handmaiden said that the tinctures could very well be kicking a bunch of crap loose in my system and I was just throwing the debris off. Sure hope so. I notice that when I go to Sunday night meeting that there are a fair amount of people who are coughing and sniffling. Sorta discouraging.

On top of the problems with my gastro-intestinal tract, I have had problems with my computer. For the last day and a half I have been trying to clean my system up and get rid of the viruses. I think I have it all done now. I even have Windows Security Pack III installed and running. I, and good friend the Hermit, never had a virus attack on our computers. Went years without a virus. The procedure was very simple: Don't cruise the porn sites and don't open executable files sent in any emails. Worked like a charm. Watched all the other yoyo's crash and burn and I stayed up and running. Makes a guy feel real proud of himself. But apparently the days of avoiding the bugs has gone. I had 28 infected spots on my hard drive. Impossible! But true.

So I have sat through three hours of down loads and scanning. Sure has been boring. But the machine is clean and that is worth the effort I reckon. The biggest ass-kicker of the bunch so far has been Malwarebytes. They have a freeware version and it really gets after it. IF you run Windows then I suggest you bring up a browser, go to 'tools' and click on that and click on security upgrade or what ever it says and let it down load into you machine. I am now running 4 anti-virus programs and a firewall. The Hermit, who used to be a six figure annual income guy in the computer technology business says that different anti-virus programs look for different things and it helps to have several programs to keep the whole thing covered. He is seldom wrong. If you can use any of this data feel free to upgrade your security. I can get you some more stuff if you really need it. No problem.

I have been reading that Saudi Arabia is getting the ass at the price of oil and is asking OPEC to cut production by an additional 2 million barrels a day. My answer to this is to tell everyone to stop using any fuel that you don't absolutely have to. The Arabs are creating beaches at their resorts in Dubai that have air conditioned sand so that the wealthy don't have to get their feet hot. All that high priced oil is paying for that air conditioned sand. But a Saudi Prince would not piss in your mouth if you were dying of thirst.

I am going to knock off of this post and rest come more. Y'all take care and stay alive.


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