Friday, March 21, 2008


I just got back from my first shopping trip in years. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

First thing I did was go check edible Wheat availability and price for the Handmaiden. Touchdown! The feed store has it for a hair less than $15 for 50 pounds. No additives or bug killers or nothing added to it. But I have to clean it. It's called Feed Wheat and it has to be cleaned before humans devour it. I will be forced to eat the whole bran and all the extras when I do this little trip. Poor, poor, pitiful me.

The Handmaiden wants to get her storage bucket trip together before she buys. I was just her scouting dog this morning. She is in the market for a hand operated grain grinder. It turns out the one we supposedly had is not for grain but for meat. Way to go! Sure am glad this got found out before we were dying from trying to eat unground grain. (By the way, I am eating a bowl of hot rice and pinto beans as I type this. I'd tell you that the hot rice was from Mexico but I am afraid to hear all the derision in the air. My ego would be slaughtered! I should say I am having a hot bowl of rice and beans. I could make it extremely clear as to what I want to say but you would then be reading Charles Dickens instead of me.) But it seems that good Wheat is out there if you look for it.

We need to find a method keeping this Wheat fresh and edible. I think I remember reading that you put about an inch of Wheat down on the bottom of your sealable bucket and then you add some dry ice and then fill it the rest of the way up. If I am wrong about that please let me know!

I figure the cleaning can happen right at my kitchen table, a cup at a time if it need be. Ain't doing much else right now except blogging. Garden don't start for over 6 weeks from today. The Handmaiden says that there is Wheat Bran and Wheat Germ and neither one us knows the difference. Excuse me while I go Google this mystery.

I'm back. Wheat Bran is fiber. Good fiber. It can keep you regular and is good for the health of your bowel. Wheat Germ is all the great nutrients found in Wheat that are normally taken out. That is why your Wonder Bread is ENRICHED. Dow Chemical must make something that resembles the good stuff they take out of the Wheat and they put a little back it. But it will be chaper than the real thing. Bet on it.

So after the feed store shopping venture I went to the Dollar Tree store. Just like Dollar General but using another name. And the joint was jumping, let me tell you. Not exactly Nu Yawk Sity rush hour traffic but pretty good for Bedford, Indiana. I actually had to wait on one person ahead of me in the check out line! Everything is a dollar and that is how you buy Rice. Two pounds for one dollar. I got 10 pounds and loved it. The Handmaiden said you could buy it at Wally World for 10 pounds at $4.81. Piss on Wally World. Just pull out the Lone Ranger and piss on the bastards. They, more than anyone else, are responsible for the Chinese being able to take our manufacturing away from this country. They have become China Central. Give 'em the old Yellow Stream by I. P. Freely. They earned it so douse 'em. Let them know the meaning of being Piss Anointed. Have a little fun in your life! Make a small gesture for freedom of knowledge!

Then I went to Big Lots. I got this clue from Dragon a couple days ago. He wrote that Big Lots has some pretty damn good cutlery for carrying around for cheap money. And damned if he wasn't telling the truth. They had lots of knives in there for sale. I bought a Schrade Old Timer for $7. In fact I bought 2 of them on account of I knew that when the Handmaiden saw my new knife she would want one also. I was correct. These were good knives and had a good edge on them. They come with a gut hook but the Handmaiden and I are planning on doing some fishing this Summer to provide the ol' protein for our diet and the gut hook will help out.

So I got the info on the Wheat and bought two damn good knives and 1o pounds of Rice and spent a short hair under $20. Not too damn bad. Old Fred went to town with me and mentioned on the way home that the rice was processed and didn't have the goodies still with it. I said Bullshit! and explained that the bad stuff was polished rice and this stuff was not polished. It was Processed and Enriched, however, and that got me to wondering. The tricky bastards who sell us our food are good at taking the goodies out and then ENRICHING what's left and telling us it is good. This rice is from Arkansas, the state that gave us Bill Clinton and his low life wife. You don't think they might have played a trick on poor old Michael do you? Excuse me while I Google.

I came, I saw, I Googled. The deal on rice is BOHICA! The bastards ARE polishing the rice. Right here in good ol' Arkansas, USA. So now, after I have started amassing rice in my pantry, I must now accumulate BROWN RICE in order to get the nutrients I want. Is this the clue to solving the mystery behind Sally Fallon's item of adding meat to a dish that is supposed to have a complete protein already? The plot thickens!

So that is what I have to say about my shopping trip. And the italic button on this blogger is stuck and I can't help it. Like the Eagles said, "I can't tell you why." Hey! I got it unstuck!

Keep your health and stay alive.



Unknown said...

Brown rice doesn't store as long as white rice. Brown rice can go rancid in about 6 months. I've had good luck using mylar bags and storing in a very cool place, mine seems fine after a year. White rice isn't as good for you, but it will store practically forever.

Anonymous said...

I got two of teh OldTimers adn two of the S&W pocket/belt knifes. I put them up and plan on getting a couple more on payday. If TSHTF doesn't come soon, I plan on giving them as gifts to the nephews and the Princesses' boyfriends.

Bad news at the SA and GW, no good stuff. Glad I had a trip planned and not wasted the gas.


Anonymous said...

Try enriched rice parboiled. Its enriched with some nutrients and keeps almost as long as white. I use Uncle Ben's.