Friday, March 14, 2008


It looks like the fedgov is gonna own or hold the paper on most of our homes in this country. What an unsettling thought. The government has been preeeminant in intrusivness these last couple of decades, but owning the mortgages on our homes will be an unprecedented opportunity to come right on in and sit down for dinner. But that is how things have been for the last 7 years.

I remember when the World Trade Center was brought down. What a horrible mess! And it was shown to be the work of 19 Islamic radicals who chose to martyr themselves in their effort to humble America. Okay. That is a plan, whether it be insane or just crazy. That is what happened and so be it.

Then along came the Patriot Act. It didn't make me feel patriotic. It made me feel that somehow the government didn't like me because the Arab martyrs had made such a mess at the World Trade Center. Somehow they felt that I was partly to blame. After I read about what you have to go through to ride in an airplane I quit flying anywhere. It was me and others like me that were taking the brunt of the governments wrath over the hijacking and destruction. And then we got the Patriot II Act and then we got the Military Commissions Act and then we got some others I can't remember and now we are looking at the Protect America Act, which will legislatively let the phone companies off the hook for letting the federal government wiretap our phones and computers without proper court authority.

Somehow, all these things ballyhooed to stop Terrorism always end up taking away more of my civil liberties. But the fedgov always tells me that it is for our security. And it has been like this for the bulk of the Bush years in the presidency. The chatter is always about how we are being protected and the actual bill that passes leaves my ass out in the wind to dry. I feel like I am becoming dehydrated and my skin is getting leathery. I don't know how much more protection I can stand!

This brings me to take a closer look at this man G. W. Bush. What kind of man is he? What makes him tick and who, if anyone, controls him?

He is obviously not a man given to "people friendly" domestic agendas. Not his thing. By his attitude I would say he has a tyranical personality. His thing is control and elimination of those in opposition to him. He never forgets an enemy.

Ask the former Federal Prosecuter from New York, Elliot Spitzer. He put it on Bush's Wall Street buddies, including Martha Stewart. And he is a Democrat to boot. He didn't last long. And don't try to convince me that the FBI just happened to stumble on to the Democrat Governor of New York renting some hookers. I ain't goin' for that one. The FBI has kept files on the movers and shakers of this country since the days of J. Edgar Hoover and they ain't stopped now. It has been talked about for decades but has anyone seen any fires where the files were dumped to burn? Has anyone seen any videos of the files being shredded into confetti? Hell no you ain't. Those files still exist and are added to on a regular basis. Those files are political security for the powers that be. Remember the files that were delivered to the Whitehouse during the early years of the first Clinton administration? Ever heard of political blackmail? The man presently occupying the Whitehouseis as ruthless as they come. And he is surrounded by syncophants who do his bidding and scheming. Basically, his close advisors are political hit men.

Now this man has allowed the Federal Reserve to hold the mortages on the nations homes, or at least some of them. However many it is, you can be sure the number will grow.

Basically I want to say that Bush is a ruthless Fascist of the strongest seed. He will initiate his anti-people programs up until the day he leaves office. McCain will be no different, nor will Hillarious. The only slim chance we have of holding on to our country is Obama and he is a liberal of the first degree. He is one of those "guns are an indiviual right but they must be under some sort of regulation" kind of fellow. He is inexperienced and his lack of training might be a form of salvation for us. But I am not taking that to the bank and trying to get a loan on it.

Watch out for these politicians of the 21st century. They talk all the time and say very little. They use buzz words like change and there is no definition given to the change spoken of. But the masses suck it up and keep voting them into office. It is startling to realize the very little we know of the people we elect to the office of the presidency in this country. We used to have Party Platforms that showed us a little bit of what was being offered by a politician. The platfrom committees would show up at the convention a month before the actual nomination sometimes.

Have no misgivings about what some men will do to be able to govern this nation. It is a highly sought afer politial prize. If gives you great power and prestige both in this country and overseas. You have the most nuclear bombs of anybody! You control the mightiest armed forces on the planet. You get a pension that really makes it all sweet.

But the little man, the guy no one knows, is the man who has to pay for all of this. He gets lied to and finagled 'til hell won't have it but he ends up bearing the brunt of the cost. And that is what a fascist thug like Bush really loves. He can do all of this shit to people all over the globe and we have to pay for it. And now he and his replacements can control the mortgages of the nation. Kinda makes your skin crawl, don't it?

Watch out, prepare like crazy, and stay alive.


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admin said...

I just came across a couple of videos, which I believe to be very important, for one, being aware of what our masters have done, are doing and will do if we let them, and two, a reminder that we can take our future into our own hands because we are in the majority and are strong as a group.

first video
, called "Zeitgeist" (it is in English) shows the big deception. It is worth browsing some of the rest of the site, also encouraging to see it may be gaining momentum, it you look at the events page. The tag-line on google, where the video is also hosted, is "What does Christianity, 911 and The Federal Reserve all have in common?". It is a long movie - 2 hours, but worth watching. It is one of the best films I have seen on the issues. The beginning is a bit strange (just a voice with black back ground and a moving faint line, and you may need to listen to the voice part a couple of times, but is profound yet simple, and worth persevering. It goes on as a "proper" documentary.

second video
, much shorter, is a great metaphor for rising against tyranny. Please don't look at it from the natural history point of view, for which the metaphor would be very flawed, but as a metaphor of how we, the people, should realize our own strength, especially in numbers. The movie is about water buffaloes and a pride of hunting lions. Of course, it seen from the point of view of natural history, then one has to also wonder what happened after the cameras stopped rolling, with two injured animals in the wild, and the whole issue of the need for survival (lions need meat to live) and survival of the fittest (they take out the weakest and stop the herd from growing dangerously).

I am posting this on other blogs too, hope to do my bit in making it go viral. If you also think it is an important film, please pass it around. Who knows how long it will be up. If you have enough bandwidth and space on your computer, you can also download it to disc.