Thursday, March 6, 2008


I haven't got much to say this morning. I've surfed around and read my daily ration of survival blogs. I must say that my cogitation after my reading has me pretty proud of my fellow survivalists. These men and a few ladies are trying their damnedest to save a few lives. The lives of people they don't even know. People they have never met. Sounds like high ideals to me!

What do you want to know? You want statistics? You want rationalization? Do you want justification? Well, these men on the survival blogs have it all. I am not saying they bring the word of God, but I am saying they are exercising something of the divine nature in bringing the word to you of the coming calamities. The scripture says that "Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." And the bloggers are laying down their lives, taking minutes and hours from their allotted time on this earth, to tell people that it isn't working and that they had better prepare for the worst.

Jim Dakin is roaring like a proverbial Thunder and so is Jim Rawles. The Dragon is shooting from the hip out in Pennsylvania. The Bear Ridge Project is making a big noise out in Colorado. The survivalist blog is making a great deal of sense. The Urban survivalist has shown signs of life and very astute reasoning. Joe over at Viking Preparedness is giving it hell. Strong men! And there are others. Even Kurt Saxon is still writing and preaching. And if someone has an extra copy of the Poor Man's James Bond I would sure appreciate getting my hands on it. Lotsa goodies in that book.

We have missed the boat on our timing before and it has not hurt us. We still hang in there. But H-hour is gettting closer by the day. Oppression hangs in the air like a thick cloud of smoke. And God has not spoken of this coming calamity recently.

But I will not quit and I don't think God expects me to quit. I am not made that way. I am awaiting the time to plant our garden, to grow healthy food and store it in good glass jars with tight seals. I have told the Handmaiden to buy me another $100 of .308 and that will probably do me for a while, unless God speaks.

But the main thrust of the post is to get people to concentrate on their personal survival. And if your personal survival includes another 150 people, well, so much the better.

The weather is a bit cool here but nothing we can't stand. We still have the 12 ducks on the pond that we always had, at least for the last year. 7 Mallards and 5 China Whites. Some Canadian Geese are flying in for short visits. We have had a lot of rain, 3" a week or more, for the past two weeks. But it is still Winter and we know to stay ready for just about anything. My lady friend Charli Gribble has her Peas in and now her weather report is saying snow and cold and this is in Alabama! She is wondering where global warming is when we need it. But we will make it, with the help of the Almighty. Just waiting to plant the garden!

Stay alive!



Dragon said...

Another good post...We who live closer to the soil feel the presence of something greater than ourselves. I don't believe God likes cities much. It's hard to feel any presence there,Oh you can feel it sometimes but in the land of broken pavement,Despair and Corruption, It's hard.
I'll not play favorites here. Your God,Your Holy book, and your faith have a place in your survival plans. when you bug out ,you take your faith with you. Faith in the higher power can see you through. With out the book, where will you find Morals, Morality...
Whom will we give thanks as we witness the miracle of birth...To whom will we pray when times are bad or good as it may be... When I grew up you could see a night sky so full of stars, you could not help but be amazed,feel wonder, and be humbled by it..
I don't know about Ya'll but when I see so many, many willing hands,hearts, and minds preparing with a pioneer spirit. I feel renewed. Dragon

Staying Alive said...

Dragon, I got in the spirit about 25 years ago in St. Louis. It stayed with me for about 3 hours. I was answering questions and the questions from the people wouldn't stop. But I haven't felt it in a city since then. Mostly what I feel is an aura of insanity. No wonder so much weird shit goes down in big cities. There is no unifying force to coordinate all those souls, even if they were looking to God. A few weeks ago I recommended a book titled "MY WORD SHALL GUIDE THEE" by a man named DANIEL A.R. WRIGHT. He left these writings and they will form the basis of a revolution in spirituality and politics. I sat under him for 30 years.

I don't preach much on my blog. I think folks can get what I have to say about survivalism by just reading plain factsa and not a lot of scriptures and such.

But the final say in this matter now before the world is the mind of God. And anyone who doesn't believe that is in bad field position.

Prosper and prepare!