Friday, March 7, 2008



I have decided that I will no longer support Ron Paul for President. It is a lost cause and there is no sense in riding a dead horse. He had plenty of money and a terrific grassroots support. He went to all the debates and handled himself fairly well. I believe him to be an honorable man. But I will no longer back his candidacy. The people have spoken and they don't want Ron Paul in the Whitehouse.

Ron Paul is a Constitutionalist without peer. I think he reads it every day. But I think the constitution is a failed document and it looks like the voters of this country have little support for it either.

The clear and resounding rejection of the constitution is a good reason to examine your position as a survivalist. Why put any hope in a document that has become meaningless and whose support has become meaningless? Why become a paperist? If the idiot voters of this country reject the constitution why in hell would I back it? It all depends on the voters and they have spoken and so be it. And I told you that I am really a Monarchist. I am a man who believes in those words "Thy kingdom come" and I think that will be the route to follow.

I have friends who suported Ron Paul. Men of high character and determination. And three of them are from the Deep South. One of them we refer to as The Hermit. He just does not socialize with much of anybody. He stays home and minds his own business. But he drug his ass all over Tennessee and Alabama campaigning for Ron Paul. The Hermit even had a belly laugh over the fact that if anyone had told him a year earlier he would be out campaigning for a politician he would have called them a liar! But his heart was right and he did what he thought was best and he lost. I say that is the lesson to be learned. The unthinking public does not want a constitutional president. They can live with Da Shrub. So be it.


I was reading this morning about Prince Charles of England, heir to the throne, making a big noise about global warming. What a jerk. It has been deemed false by people who are actually qualified to comment on the subject that sunspot activity is the main culprit in the warming or cooling of the planet. We have just gone through a cycle of lots of powerful sunspots and now we are entering a period of very little sunspots. Very little sunspots will mean colder weather. I have a friend who lives waaayy down in lower Mississippi and the cold is giving him fits with his garden. He will make it okay because he is smart, but it is still an irritant to him.

What has happened is that money, REAL MONEY, has reared its ugly head. There have always been planet worshippers. But they were always correctly considered to be a might touched in the head. But Al Gore has come along and won an Oscar and a Nobel Prize and made TONS of money from global warming. First thing to notice is that Oscars and Nobel Prizes can be superfluous. The proof of this statement is overwhelming. Al Gore is getting rich as hell from his little campaign to fight rising temperatures and that is why he is doing this. Plain and simple.

I would like to point out to you, the people thinking about survival, that the pollution and mayhem coming our way when the SHTF and especially when TEOTWAWKI comes along, will stagger the imagination. Hell hath no fury like the pollution we will be getting when the Big Bang comes along. It will be ugly and unimaginable. I had a vision in a big city back in the early 80's of the situation when the bombs go off. I had ridden up to Indianapolis with a friend while he was running an errand. Just one of those quick hitter, in and out sort of deals. My friend had to go ask for directions and I was sitting in the car and wondering about the Big Bang and I just said "Let me see it." And there is was! I couldn't believe it. First thing I couldn't believe is that God would show me such a thing. Who the hell am I to rate the granting of such a request? Didn't seem quite right, but I ain't the boss so that is that.

But Indy was in a world of trouble. The cloud layer was maybe two or three hundred feet above me and it was as thick as a mountain. I could see a big column of really black smoke going up to the cloud layer and then disappearing into the dark grayness of the sky. I saw no people and no vehicles. There was some litter on the streets but not enough to really matter. The air down where we breath had vapors of yellow and purple intermingled within it. Really disgusting. I don't know if a person cold have lived in that atmosphere or not, but it sure didn't promising. Not one bit. Shortly thereafter I made inquirey with two men I knew to be prophets and they had both had simiiar visions.

And on the basis of this I say that Al Gore and his global warming campaign is false. It is a scare tactic and a money machine for anyone who can get in the limelight of it. As to pollution, well, we ain't seen nothin' yet.

Be especially cautious of people who are adamently anti-pollutioon. The chariot of the New World Order will be pulled by horses named Peace and Environment. Nasty business. The truth of the matter is that the governments of this world will not have peace but rather war and their pollution from these wars is unfathomable. Liars every one!

But be smart and stay alive!



admin said...

I consider myself a deep green, so do I rally behind Al Gore? Oh noooo. I don't really know enough about the intricacies of climate change, man-made or natural, but I smelt a rat with the governments around the world getting on the carbon band wagon. Call me a cynic, but there had to be some alterior motive for them to suddenly be carrying the environmental torch, whilst obviously flaunting all other environmental wisdom . Its just too incongruous. Ah, yes, bit by bit the motives were starting to surface - taxes, business opportunities, control, nuclear power (which is itself a means to an end). Someone on the web pointed out the little change of the name, which passed perhaps unnoticed to many - it is no longer called Global Warming but Climate Change. Like the War on Terror, it is a catch-all. Whichever way the weather goes, even naturally, it can be blamed on something they want to use to control, and in perpetuity. So what if greenhouse gases can make the planet heat up, pollution and sun spots cool it down, when you haven't got a hope in hell to work out how they can interact. There might be another motive: the only way we can stop global warming is with global dimming, so churn out all the pollution you can. Industry would love it. We do know that there are man-made natural climatic disasters like desertification, it has been around for thousands of years wherever man has over-used the land, but climate change as it is focused on now, is too much of an unknown quantity. The problem with this focus is, that it diverts attention away from those things we really do know to be damaging. It is a smoke screen. How simplistic to be counting pounds of carbon, like lumps of coal, and that 'offsetting' would go toward some cure. I do know that there is almost zero sunspot activity at present (if the supplied data is correct), because after seeing an aurora about four years ago, I check out a website daily, which shows sunspot activity, so I know when to go watching again. Well, I have noticed a flat graph for a very long time now. Will I move to a warmer climate to escape the impending ice age? Would I go to a casino to invest for my pension?
One other thought occurred to me - if the messages of true environmentalist, those who really do care about the state of our home, unlike fat-cat politicians, are starting to be taken serious by people, and the PTB wants to subvert their cause, the best way is to take over the campaign, and destroy it from within, and twist it to their advantage. They high-jacked the cause, but we must not throw out the baby with the bath water, or your vision may well become reality.

Staying Alive said...

Dear Judy,

I was heartily pleased at your deeper thinking. My thought on that then focused on the concept that most stark raving, froth-at-the-mouth survivalist has to be in the top 5% of humanity in the IQ range. And you were higher than that.

Why can't we have more intelligent comment like yours? I guess it is asking too much of people to come up with the goods.

But YOU sure did!

Stay alive.