Thursday, March 20, 2008



Practically any gun will kill an enemy. I have a Mini-30 and an SKS. Not much ammo but enough to fight awhile. Money is sorta tight around this house so major armaments are not on the agenda. I have been wanting a good, big, knife and Dragon may have given me an idea on how to get one on the cheap. Cheap is good, if the knife is okay.


I have several pistols around the house. If your weapon needs to be concealed then a pistol is where its at. I can shoot .45 acp,. 44 Magnum, Tokarev, and a couple 22's. If I had my druthers I would buy a 4" barrel Ruger .357 and be happy. Practice with cheap .38's and shoot the big boys when it's needed. Ain't much out there that won't try to get away from a .357. I would.


I have a bolt action .308 if I need the power and range of the beast. It will hit something very hard. Armor will not stop it. An engine block will stop it but the engine probably won't run any more. I thought about geting a .375 for big jobs like engine blocks but it would have been a waste of money. Think of the slugs for my 12 gauge slug gun I could buy for the price of that big honkin' .375. I couldn't carry it into the house in three trips. Sure would be comforting to have around though.


I have an extra 22 rifle that I think my wife may have brought as part of her dowry. I know its a tube bed beast and that is all. I've had it for almost 8 years and have never fired it. I also have a Winchester 30-30. I will give it to my wife if she will buy the ammo for it. We'll test drive it when we get time and see if she likes it.

I think that just about covers my gun holdings. The 12 gauge scatterguns and the Ruger 10-22 are my favorites. The .308 is probably next. I have a .22 automatic pistol I bought off my son and I think it is a good one.

The Mini 30 was a gift to me from a dear friend and I will probably keep it around for a while. It hasn't had 10 rounds run through it from brand new. But it is cleaned and lubed and ready to go. Can't ask much more than that from a gun. The SKS is here under the same circumstances and will not be parted with unless the situation really calls for it. I had no actual Battle Rifle and my friend gave me two of them, one of them brand new. That is what you call a good friend.

Some more heavy duty knives would just about fill my tank, except for more ammo of course. You can't own too much ammo!

So that is what i have to say about guns this week, and probably next week also. I am what I would call a gun magnet. I get them and I don't turn loose of them. One ol' boy who has since gone on to the house in the sky once told me that you bought real estate and guns and you never sold either of them. I am sorta that way full time.

Keep your guns ready and stay alive!



The Scavenger said...

Another great post. My fav is my Ruger 9mm always has been always will be. Just fits like a good pair of boots. Thanks for your comment on my post also. The dwarf fruit trees I spoke of can bee seen here. In the winter they will come in the house or the greenhouse I'm working on now. Have a pic on my blog. Thanks again for the info you provide.

Anonymous said...

Another good posting.

We tend to get carried away over wepons and gunnie stuff. I'll admit to it, its fun and won't get anyone knokced up! But with Spring coming around, I find myself putting down the shotguns and picking up the rake and hoe for gardening. Mime is going to be smaller than normal this year. Just some tomaters (grape, cherry, slining, and romas), peppers and herbs. My heart just isn't in it this year.

Thinking of actually standardizing my "arsenal" this year. Sell off a few odd ball stuff and stock up on the much needed stuff.

Jerry in SO IL

Ryan said...

The 2 semi autos being compatable is a big plus. That must be quite a friend.

Staying Alive said...

Theotherryan commented on the compatability of the guns that were given to me and he is absolutely right. They are a very nice thing to have considering the ammo situation we have in this country. Sure am glad they aren't .308 and I had to stock up right now! OUCH!