Monday, July 21, 2008


Just got the word about Tropical Storm Dolly. It's coming off the Yucatan and heading for the junction of Mexico and Texas right at the Gulf. It is only a Tropical Storm now but but it will be going over some very hot water real quick and that is when things can get exciting. I have some friends down in that region and I wish them to get the hell out of the way of that mutha. Could be nothing and could be a catastrophe. I have watched Gulf storms for years from the security of my computer here in Indiana and once they get over hot water and into the Gulf the S can really HTF. If they are in the Gulf it is sorta like just figuring out where it is going to hit cause the effects will be horrendous. Mayberry and Riverwalker and others had better keep a good heads up down there. And I know they know their area but I also know that those storms can kick your ass between the goals posts any time they take a notion.

After warning my friends, I would then concentrate on locating oil refineries. You let a major oil refinery get whacked and we are in real trouble all over the place, not just down in Texas. Gas will go up a dollar or two a gallon real quick, like instantaneously. Our environmental friends have blocked construction of any new refineries for a long time. We run on just about what it takes to supply us. Any damage to our system and the global warming guys will be jumping for joy as the rest of us sit at home and wonder just what the hell we are going to do. Got horses? Got wagons? Got hay and grain? Mercy! Hello Dolly. "I feel the room swayin'..."

Gonna grind some corn today if God allows. I be out of corn meal and there is no excuse for that. I am sitting beside 49 pounds of corn and there is a grinder about 8' away. Gotta get with the program. Besides, I like the mush and so does the wife. Corn bread is okay but it ain't got what mush has. Mush is a gut packer, a filler-up kind of food. And it goes well with my eggs in the morning, though we had it with our beans last night for supper. The Handmaiden made a mixture of Great Northern and Pinto beans in the crock pot yesterday and it was great. She posted the recipe last week for cooking your beans.

I read a long treatise on guns this morning on a survival blog. Same old shit. WWII surplus rifle versus a modern semi-automatic battle rifle. The costs involved. The amount of ammo used. And all the regular stuff you have read a bazillion times. Just get a gun you can hit with when you shoot it. The more accurate you are the more the enemy loses. And you will be wanting the enemy to lose. The more hits he takes the less YOU will take. Your objective is to take NO HITS and inflict many hits on your enemy. Your brain is your best weapon and if it tells you that things are going to go really wrong, get the hell out of there. And get out any way you can! He that is smart and gets away lives to fight another day! Stay alive.



riverwalker said...

Keeping an eye on "dolly"!

Afriend informed me that the bus company that will handle emergency evacuations in case of a hurricane have been put on standby for the next 48 hours!


BTW,I posted some info sources for Lobelia (for use as a bronchial dilator).

gott_cha said...

Good advice,..we just got through with our own storm. Although "Cristobal" remained a tropical storm we were on standby none the less,..had a hurricane 11/2 years ago and it was no Katrina but it did damage even so. Yup them boys down there just like us over on the Carolina coast know all about storms....keep yer eyes on it boys!

P.S. Gotta grind some more corn here also,...been eatin the mush and the cornbread big style!