Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Just sittin' around waiting for the pump guy to show up or call. He only lives about 5 miles from me so I can fetch him if I need to have him. He should be here today or tomorrow, like he said he would be. Sure will be nice having that new pump downstairs.

Ordered 50 more rounds of 00 Buck today. I really do like having that stuff around. Makes killing something so much more efficient. I can take out a Beaver at 50 yards with no problem but the neighbors who want to protect the wonderful Beaver, whiles he gnaws great big tunnels through their dam and they lose their lake. But like a friend of mine said Sunday, "I have given up on trying to educate ignorant people." And I said AMEN.

The Market is crazy today, as per usual. Things are going up and down and sideways and who knows where. Nobody seems to know what to do. Funniest thing.

The Handmaiden is off to town. I needed another bottle of baby aspirin and a supply of popcorn. My good friend in Tennessee says to keep a supply of popcorn handy to watch the show. The show is the meltdown of the financial system. Can't afford the game so I may as well watch the action. Besides, I like popcorn. And it can be a nutrient along with being a snack. And with good Amish butter melted and poured over it, well, you just ain't gonna beat that, my friend.

I am going through the seed sites looking for deals on non-hybrid seed for next year. I have a bad feeling about seed prices next year. The cost of growing stuff is going through the roof and the freight to get it here is trying like hell to match it's high cost. My corn and beans should give me a seed base but nothing like I will need to feed 150 to 200 people. That takes some seed.

I am considering buy a lot of these Cranberry beans for next year. The more I study these beans the more I am impressed with their popularity amongst the hillbillies and so forth. If a hillbilly likes a bean, you can bet on it being a good flavored bean. I am kinda partial to Pinto beans also as I am very much partial to Tacos made our way here in the valley. We make damn good Tacos and dress 'em up the way they suit our individual tastes. I like mine with plenty of meat and pepper sauce. Of course, the meat has to be nestled in a bed of mashed Pinto beans to make it really good. Pintos mashed with a little fat or some cheese in them.

Tomatoes are a big favorite with most everybody. I am thinking of going with Big Red or Box Car Willie, but there are many good tomatoes on the market. The Italian tomatoes are the oldest but they are so damned small! The Amish have a good tomato. The tomato called Big Red is from Illinois and put on the market by a family who raised them for generations and just called them the Big Red tomato. So Big Red works for me!

I am getting ready to buy my seed from Heirloom Seed. You can find them at http://www.heirloomseeds.com/. I have bought from them before and their seed works and they get to your mailbox. All that stuff counts! I am going to email them and find out if I can get any kind of volume discount. You'll hear about that! You gotta buy in volume when you feed a group.

So far I have looked at Corn and Rutabagas besides the other stuff I mentioned. After my wife, the Handmaiden, introduced me to Rutabagas I have been a fan to the maximum. And a check of the nutritional value of one of them compared to a potato is just like night and day. There ain't any nutritional value in a potato except for the skin. On the other hand, the Ruta is loaded with all kinds of goodies. A little butter and salt and you are rockin'! Taste very good.

I'm gonna sign off on this post. I just checked the market and the DJIA is down $25. Crude is down $7.54 a barrel. Gold is up $4.30 an ounce. And the dollar is down 34/100's of a cent. No one seems to know which way to go. I love this game!

Stay alive!



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riverwalker said...

It's a regular dog and pony show right now. Nobody thinks things can't be fixed but it still seems to get worse no matter what trick they pull out of their hat.

I'm with you on eatin' popcorn and watching the circus as it comes to town.