Saturday, July 12, 2008


There is so much to write about I hardly know where to begin. I'm sure most of you know by now how the market went on a wild ride yesterday. I know the Plunge Protection Team was on duty, faithfully buying stocks at good prices with my and your money, to protect Wall Street from itself. The Princes of Darkness must be guaranteed a good profit one way or another. I read an article about the Bear Sterns Catastrophe from a site on Mayberry's page this morning. Looks like J.P.Morgan took 'em down, with a little help from the federal reserve of course. The Bear was actually okay and Morgan was in a bind, but the old presto-chango was in play and the Bear took it twixt the cheeks. Nothin' true blue about these bastards on Wall Street.

The IndyMac Bank of Phoenix, AZ, went belly up yesterday. Largest bank failure in over 25 years. Too many toxic mortgages and too little cash on hand is the reason given. The coming days will tell us a clearer story I'm sure.

The dollar was falling yesterday, which is nothing new to those of you who care to watch. I am predicting hyper inflation as per Zimbabwe. You will know it is here when you go the McDonald's and the dollar menu is suddenly the five dollar menu. And then you come back at a later hour and it is the ten dollar menu. Got preps? The federal reserve has printed and circulated 5 trillion dollars in the last

I am probably gonna have to let my truck go back to Ford Credit. Damn! I don't like that! But it will give me much more prep money, while money is any good and spendable. I will get my seed for next year and my soil amendments and all that stuff and be ready when Spring comes to plant the food in the ground. Food production will have great appeal to those who are in danger of starving. I know I will enjoy growing good food and eating it on a regular basis. Nothin' like staying regular. At least that is what I have been told.

I am toying with the idea of buying lots of canned food to increase the Handmaiden's variety of menu. I can get by with the same old stuff for a real long time but she insists we have a variety of flavors. So be it. She runs the kitchen and I eat the food. We both play an important part in this little arena. And that reminds me that I must grind some more corn meal today. We are almost out of the stuff and the last batch of mush is about gone. Can't be running out of corn meal. I paid $50 for that grinder! Works, too!

I have been pursuing the rumor/news of Mountain House having their entire stock of food bought out by the fedgov. Can't prove it as yet but I am damn close. Funny things are happening to the food market. A friend I know down in Tennessee does part time work for a Barbecue guy who does quite a bit of business and catering. And over the 4th of July weekend he could not buy any decent chicken. The local guy only got half of what he ordered. Chinamart was out of chicken. Nobody had any chicken! Right here in the USA the stores didn't have chicken on the 4th of July? This makes no goddamn sense at all. I have a whole big family of friends down in Georgia who have spent the last 15 years building chicken and turkey barns throughout the southern United States. They have built so many chicken and turkey barns that it is almost unfathomable. And we are out of chicken on the 4th of July? Where in the hell is all the chicken going? Someone is playing games with our country. We citizens are being taken for a ride. And the question remains, who is buying the goddamn chicken?

I have reports, unproven, of people flying C-130' s into an area of canned food production and buying everything they had and flying off with it. Who is buying this shit? Who is prepping like nobody's business? It's either the fedgov or the rich. I am buying food next week. Canned food. I may have to buy canned beef from Argentina but I will get SOMETHING. Big Lots had canned chicken from Georgia that was pretty good but I don't know if they have any more. But the good stuff is disappearing from the shelves. Someone is stocking up and it ain't us! Someone besides us has figured out that the thing is gonna go down! It can only be the people who are taking it down!

I do not know how to handle this kind of news except to tell you to get on Mayberry-keep it simple survival and Wreatha and the internet grocer. Things are getting really screwy and someone is messing with the food. I got preps but I still don't like anyone fooling with the food chain. This country should in no way be running low on food. Too much production! So where is the food? C'mon, Dubya, tell Michael what you did with the food.

In the early 1800's it was estimated that the Rothschild's owned 50% of the worlds wealth. Don't look like they have lost a damn cent. More than likely they have gained! Things are getting screwy. People don't seem to matter but the bottom line does. I hate this attitude. I despise it with a perfect hatred. Prep like crazy. And stay alive.


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riverwalker said...

I've got chicken (and turkeys). Lots of chicken (and turkeys). I can't walk in my back yard without stepping on a chicken (they have free range). You can get a loan to build a chicken house (or a turkey house for that matter) easier than a home loan. We're one of the top producers of chickens in the state. Almost every large producer of chicken in the US has operations here and this includes the companies that make feed for them. You need chickens? I got chickens. Lots and lots of chickens, and turkeys, and cows....