Saturday, July 5, 2008


It's getting on toward nighttime here in the valley and folks are anticipating the annual fireworks show. It got rained out last year so we not only have last years fireworks but this years also. Should be quite a show. We have a long peninsula that goes out into the lake and that is where the fireworks are fired. Everybody can see and there is no fire danger. Folks can sit on the lawn and watch very easily with nothing blocking their view. We had our picnic earlier at The Barn. Pork Tenderloin cooked over a grill. Wonderful. Just great! I love fire cooking when it is done properly. These gas grills are very good for this. The flame is easy to control.

I had a good talk-a-thon at the picnic. Lots of interesting people, most of them originally from the village. Kids that grew up and moved out and got married and had kids and went to college and all that stuff. They seem to be a lot friendlier now than in the past. It seems like raising babies and paying the bills has matured them a bit. They are now the parental group a lot of us older folks were once. I reckon time wounds all heels. At least we are starting to see closer to eye-to-eye than we ever did before. We had lots of catching up to do and stories to compare and all that stuff. Who had babies and who didn't as yet. Who was married and who was single. Just a real family gathering. A family unit. I was proud of everybody.

The fireworks are about to begin. They let off a couple concussion rockets that don't do anything but make a big shaking. And it is a big shaking!

More later. Gotta go watch.

Well, it's Sunday morning now and the world is calm and still. Quite different from last night. We had about 35 minutes of uninterrupted fireworks display. Big ol' fireworks. It really got the ooh's and ahh's coming from the crowd. And the crowd really liked it. People had come from as far away as Utah to attend out little party last night. The cookout and the fireworks made a memorable occasion. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

But while we were enjoying the food and the festivities, the relentless people haters were still kept up their evil plans. I reckon that is a good way to recognize them, a way to identify them. They don't enjoy the company of their fellow man. They don't enjoy the different viewpoints of their neighbor. So they stay insulated in their own little cliques, working their plans of dominance over the citizenry. That is how you will know them. "Remember, the protest area is about 10 blocks down the road and has a chain link fence around it. There will be personnel there to take your picture and video your speech, but pay them no mind. You will be in the free speech area and it is guaranteed by our constitution."

My promised check never arrived! Hah! They lied again! You can trust the fedgov to lie like a coat of wax. And I have an official notice that says they are now liars. No amount of cover up will change it. I will see if it gets here this Monday. I am going to buy preps with it to feed myself after the hard times get here. I'll feed some of my friends too. I reckon I will follow the Old Man's policy of "If one eats, we all eat." You can't get more fair than that.

The Blog writers are still in slow gear this weekend. They will pick back up in a day or two. I will cut this off right now and go to The Barn and see how the fella's are doing this morning. Should be an interesting time and some good discussion.

Stay alive!


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riverwalker said...

A family unit...this is a good thing. Time constraints effect everyone,sooner or later. Sounds like a great holiday weekend. Mine not so great. Had to work (bummer!). As far as posting, Jim has everyone spoiled with daily posting. This is a lot harder and more time consuming than a lot of people realize.