Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I have been talking about the past for the past two posts. Some may find that boring. But I did it to show that being a rebel can be a fulfilling role in your life. You can buck the system and win. The Branch Davidians lost because they holed up in that house. They should have been outside to greet the BATF when they drove up the driveway. They should have never opened fire like they did. A total bunch of losers, protecting Vernon Howell, the guy the nation calls David Koresh. He was an inexperienced young man playing way over his head. And a lot of people died for his mistakes. He did not have a wise teacher. He brought his teaching out of his own earth and not out of Heaven, where the good stuff comes from.

Our people had a wise teacher. A man who understood the human nature and how to deal with it. He got lot of his understanding from God. Another way of geting it is by living communally. The Old Man used to say that living one year communally was equal to 10 years of being a preacher. There is no better way to learn the human nature than to live closely with other humans. What a school!

But the point is we rebelled! And rebellion against her is obedience to him! We refused to conform to the outside standard. We did it our way. I keep telling people to not figure on re-creating the present society after this one collapses because this one is being brought down by God. Christianity is 2000 years old and it's adherents have completely absolved themselves from their so-called master. They have become the epitome of "say and do not". They use the name Jesus but they don't do what he said to do. We must make up our minds that a cruel and sickening force has tried to shape and mold and conform us to an ugly pattern. We have lived with the fear of Hell and the fear of prison for too long! "Come out of her my people and touch not the unclean thing!" This world, this society has become ill and will die. Get out of it. Get away from it. Get out into the country and live together and grow together and accomplish together. Leave the asylum and go forth in sanity. This world is trying to pin you down. It is death and destruction to follow in it's ways. Fall on your knees and ask for help. Can't you fathom the obscenity of life on this planet as it is presently constituted? Usury and sodomy and all manner of filth inhabit the earth. Get your children and your grand children away from it. Don't let them be taken by the monster.

Enough of this.

I just checked the market and everything is DOWN except oil. Wonderful. The price at the pump will be stifling. I can't afford to drive anymore. I am a man of meager financial resource. But I get good food cooked for me! And I have a woman who collects up good, free food from the fields round about. I know that will disappoint my detractors but that is too damn bad. They can kiss me where the sun don't shine. As a side note, the Old Man wrote a book called "PAPA JESUS" about the early days of the valley. It is written with a lot of butter and sugar and chocolate sprinkles on it. But there are some great stories written about our early days in that book. Now, if I can just talk someone into publishing it...

The woman is down in the garden pulling weeds in the crop rows. It goes quickly. The plastic mulch has been a blessing as far as weeding is concerned. It really helps. We should get some rain pretty soon and I hope to see a growth spurt come on the corn. That would tickle me no end.

Still thinking about the stimulus money headed my way. Or at least said by the government to be headed my way. Them boys have been known to lie a lot. But the old subjects keep coming to my mind. Food, ammo, medical supplies, non-hybrid seed, tools, strong clothing, etc. Just a small amount of money but it must be spent wisely or it is wasted. And to waste getting the money back from the government just bothers me no end. We get so little of it back in our own country. A lot of it goes to foreign countries and is blown up in wars. A lot of it goes as foreign aid to foreign countries we have been able to buy off. These oil producing countries are such pests. We can't buy them off!

I'll go now. Stay alive!


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