Tuesday, July 8, 2008


True to those words I heard, I don't know which way to go. I don't now what to expect. But deep down in my guts I DO KNOW that it is going to be bad. At least Chili Davis, the cat, got out of the mess while the gettin' was good. She doesn't have to listen to me call her Fishbait for a few years. I told her a few years ago that she would make good bait for my trout lines should things get tough. So she Urfed on my chair. Cats are like that.

My neighbor raised some white ducks. Four of them survived their raising. Not bad when you are using young teenage girls as minders. When they were still in the building, under a heat lamp, the Handmaiden used to slip in and feed and water the damn things cause they would be out of the bare essentials. Such is the raising of small critters by young kids.

I saw the four survivors in the lake this morning. They actually made it down to the lake and went into the water. First time. They got in a paddled around and looked for food on the bottom and all that puddle duck stuff. Funny as hell! They all decided to get out of the water at the same time and they got on the little spit of land that is more like a pier than anything else. And they just stood there and looked at each other. "What have we done? Are we all okay? Will we make it?" The first time for anything is a memorable occasion. The NEW LAKERS have found a big place to play and will not leave it for a long time, unless they forget to watch out for dogs along the shore. The slow, the unobservant, and the stupid will get killed by dogs. And ducks are all these things by birth, but they manage to learn. God makes a way from most critters.

Some of the bloggers are worried that roving cannibals will be around when things REALLY get bad. The only thing you can do with a cannibal is kill the sonovabitch. Not a whole lot else you CAN do. You just are not supposed to eat your fellow man. It is forbidden. Go eat weeds and cats and dogs and whatever the hell you can find, but don't eat people. If you see anyone eating human flesh dispose of them immediately. Bury the remains if you can. A close friend of mine had a vision a number of years back and he saw towns with huge piles of dead bodies piled up because they could not get all of them buried. Just too many casualties to deal with. And he saw people with knives coming out at night and carving hunks of meat from the cadavers and eating it. Sickening. Kill the bastards. I damn sure will.

Over on http://www.survivalblog.com/ there was a guy ranting about living in an area of the country with roads laid out as a grid vs roads laid out in more of a random pattern, what we used to call the path of least resistance. He favored the grid style because that made a lot of options and it would be harder to tell which way someone had gone. As far as I am concerned, the two types of road layout are way down on my list of priorities. I live back on a dead end road and it is the only way in or out. You can hike in across some woods and hills but there is only one way you can drive it. You could come in on a four wheeler but you would be heard and have no element of surprise. And living in a hardwood forest like we do, there are always trees to drop on the road to block it if necessary. Save some chainsaw fuel to unblock it, of course.

I am having my doubts about bands of raiders coming in. The first thing that pops into my head is that EVERYBODY in a 50 mile radius is armed. No bullshit, they have the guns. Going around killing and looting would piss off a whole lot of the wrong kind of people. People that would make you dead for doing such a thing. And you gotta be VERY hungry to go to an almost assured death. I'm telling you, southern Indiana rednecks will stop your life if you appear to be dangerous to them and their families. And that is no exaggeration. And we will be ready for whatever comes down the road. Naturally we will be looking for joiners, people to help build the next civilization, but you know damn well that it ain't gonna be all peaches and cream. There will problems and uncomfortable decisions to make. Some will be handled well and some will be screwed up. That is why I have repeatably written about having your line of questioning down pat. You are going to have to question people who come wandering into your camp. You must not be so stupid as to stick a gun in everyone's face that comes along and tell them to go away. You might be running off the very person who will later save your life. You are going to need help and friends to make it. If a person comes along who is reasonably decent and is willing to work, then let them come on in to your camp. But you must have some method you use to ascertain these facts. I ought to bring it up at a Wednesday night rap and see what the brothers come up with. Could be interesting.

I have found it very irritating to read about folks "DOING SOMETHING" about CO2 emissions. What in the name of God has gotten in to people? We talk about needing oxygen, and the very plants that make up our greatest source of that life giving gas are being starved by idiots. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH CO2! It is essential for plant life. And plants digest it and release that good O2 that nutures us all. Nu Yawk Sity has annpounced they are going to spend over two billion dollars to reduce CO2 emissions. Who let these people out of the looney bin and allowed them to hold public office? The G-8 meeting is making noises about reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 50% in the foreseeable future. Please. If this is not evidence of a conspiracy to milk the masses of more of their hard earned cash the there never has been one. Whoops! There went Al Gore past us, headed for the bank! Gotta make a deposit. Gotta get up there with Gates and Buffet. Humans must be stupid to not see through this. It is ridiculous to the max.

Stay alive.



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Mayberry said...

I've always seen "Gorebal Warming" for the scam it is. It's all too convenient if you ask me. A perfect excuse for yet another layer of control and taxation, and maybe one more federal agency. It also plays nicely into the "New World Order" global cluster f*ck.