Sunday, July 13, 2008


Just sitting around enjoying the cool of the day. I'm on my second cup of coffee, the cat has been fed, and my breakfast is on the stove. Typical start to a typical day. I am thinking about going to town right after breakfast to look around for prep items. After I get back I will use the Handmaiden's homemade bug spray on her potatoes. You have to let it sit for 2 days after you make it and then it is ready.

I have been thinking about the storage food bought up by the fedgov. I still can't put my finger on the exact reason they did this. I think of things like military dependants being given this stuff so that it will be reported to their spouses fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. I remember a few months ago that some soldiers were becoming upset because they heard there were food shortages in the states and they wondered if their mates were being cared for properly. The fedgov jumpd on that one immediately and called spouses to a special program all laid out in big tents at their local base. They were given storage food and told there was much more where that came from and they would be getting it. They were told their medical needs were covered right there on base and there was no shortage of medicine and medical personel. And this display and food give-a-way was done to chill out our soldiers overseas and assure them that their families were well taken care of. The Powers That Be do not want the fighters to worry about their kinfolk while they are supposed to be fighting. The spouse and the kids are just fine!

And I thought this might be the logical explanation to this little mystery. And it is an apparent mystery because the Internet Grocer said it was true. They even had the announcement on their web pages at least two places. Wreatha at has it up. Scroll down a few clicks and look under food. Mayberry also has it posted via Wreatha at . The Internet Grocer over at has the story up and the notification of the fedgov butting into our territory. And dear reader, this is storage food. Not your run-of-the-mill stuff you get at a supermarket in a normal American town. This is a specialized food that has been purchased by survivalists and outdoors men and not much of anyone else. We were the market and that was about it. And since things have gotten out of hand in the world we have been buying more of this stuff than normal. And big names in the prepper world have advertised it 24 X 7. Another reason why I don't advertise on this site. You want survivalism, you get it. No charge or advertising. But I never sat out to make a living off of my blog. I wanted to tell what was going on and how to handle it, as best I could.

I believe in group survival and not individual survival. Of course, if you get caught without a group then you survive the best you can. The group will come later. Hopefully.

I have been reading a lot about a bill in the House of Representatives called House Resolution 362, or something like that. But the 362 seems to be the right number. This little piece of legislation is gonn start a major war in the Middle East. It calls for the US to blockade Iran, searching every ship that tries to gt in to them or get out. It disallows any Iranian government official the right to come and go from his own country. And I say it may as well be a declaration of war. Because if it is put into effect there will damn sure be a war. And the world will be all screwed up way beyond the terrible condition it is in now. Middle eastern oil will be disrupted. China will pitch a bitch. Russia will not like having it's nuclear power plant business shut down and have all the foreign currency stopped. Believe me, if this bill passes the full congress, we will see the SHTF. No doubt in my mind.

Stay alive.


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riverwalker said...

All bets are going to be off if they blockade Iran. Things are going to get really, really bad.
And it's going to happen very quickly. So quick, that a lot of people are going to be shouting....
What in the world happened???For most of them it's going to be too late for them to do anything about it! Got preps? Get more!


BTW, Group survival has my vote. Don't want to wind up with a bad case of "cabin fever" if I can avoid it!