Monday, July 14, 2008


It has been a give and take sort of day. I did get the well guy to come over tomorrow or Wednesday. He is going to check the well and check it's depth and all of that stuff and tell me what to buy for installation. Reasonable operation. He had pulled 800 feet of well casing Sunday and he was a little beat. He was taking today off and not too prone to apologise for it. It was alright with me. The army marches on. Now if I can get some wood heat put into the building we will be shitting in tall cotton and wiping our ass on the top leaves. On the other hand, I didn't get my cornmeal ground or the wife's potatoes sprayed. Just goofing off, I reckon. Totally uninspired is a fairly accurate analysis. The late afternoon Drudge posting about the bank closing and the possibility of more of them was rather interesting. Like I told one of the brothers late this afternoon, I am getting a little bored waiting for this damn thing to collapse. But I have also heard words to the effect that"Be careful of what you wish for." And thank God I ain't runnin' the show. If a human was doing this they would be drawn and quartered for what is going to happen. But they cannot get to God! And they might not like it if they could. Bad field position. Know what I mean?

The banks starting to close could be a big avalanche. One or two might be something the fedgov could deal with, but one right after another like a line of dominoes would be catastrophic. The only thing the fedgov could do would be declare a banking holiday, confiscate the Gold, and declare the Amero the new currency. Nothing major, you understand, just the end of life as we know it. I don't know if I can stand to learn to think in Amero's. I'm getting a little old to be learning a whole new set of tricks. But that will accelerate the crash. It will hasten SHTF. It will also probably bring us martial law. Think about it. But if it is inevitable then just prep and don't worry about it. When the SHTF just get the hell out of Dodge.

The price of groceries is going through the roof. I got an email from a reader who just had beans priced to him at $2.98 for TWO ponds. A buck and a half for a pound of beans! Seems like all the bigger players are out for the last drop of blood they can get from the dying corpse we call America. And I could get real annoyed with this bullshit. This is hurting poor people and that is really low on the totem of human evolution. Not that it isn't done, but it is not gonna make it any more. And I say that because there are just going to be too damn many of us poor to be going around pissing us off. Folks are going to get wise and start busting heads. Those riots we are predicting are not altogether done by bad guys. There are just going to be a lot of pissed off people in this country and they are gonna get real restive. Restive as in "kicking some ass". It might not be a pleasant thing to be a banker or a politician in the coming days. We talk of what the fedgov may do to us but the real bitch is what if we start doing unto them? A hundred or two hundred million pissed off people is a nasty thing to tackle. They can cover a lot of ground without even moving around. They are already the "Boots on the ground." And that might be a pipe dream, it could be inner city thugs who lead the riots. But the riots will occur and it might be foolish to doubt that.

Our best shot still lies in prepping and being ready for the hard times. I am probably going to order a huge amount of non-hybrid seed this weekend. That will feed people and the ones who didn't prep will be the workers. Nasty turn of affairs but the basis of society has to be on something relevant. And the guy who was ready is the most relevant guy around. They work and they get fed, but the crop belongs to he who had the brains to have the seed ready to plant. And it is all fair and just. No hanky panky involved. Everyone supports the main thrust of staying alive and eating food every day. And a lot of folks are not going to get THAT good of a deal. Make the best deal you can make while there is still time. Have preps and have a way of producing food.

Stay alive!


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Mayberry said...

I wouldn't feel bad about making people work to eat. You had the forsight to get seed and other preps, why the hell should you do all the work? "Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance". Amen.