Thursday, July 10, 2008


I got a tip yesterday from a person concerned about Bronchial dilators. It was about Jimson Weed and how it is a source of Atropine. And while I agree that Atropine is good in it's place, there is little use for Jimson Weed. What we are talking about here is if a person gets hit with an agent that closes off his breathing passages. Kinda puts you in a bind. Breathing is pretty necessary to life. But Jimson Weed is probably not going to help you in this situation. The seeds of Jimson Weed are what have the Atropine in them. I do not know if chewing seeds from Jimson Weed will open up your Bronchial tubes or not. And I do not know who long it will take nor how much to dose myself with. But I do know that when you need Atropine you need it right now. No messing around. You need to breathe and breathe quickly. It has been my experience that all Atropine is in IM usage form. You inject it into your self and it goes to work immediately. No messing around! You slap yourself on the thigh or wherever you plan on injecting and you shoot that stuff quickly and then you live, if everything has gone according to Hoyle. We did this in the Army 45 years ago. We had to inject ourselves with Atropine and let the NCO instructor see the needle sticking out of us. Actually it was not Atropine but rather sterile water. It was just a drill you know.

It is good to know things about plants and Bronchial dilators and all of that but when you need Atropine you need it right now and you don't have time to go looking for Jimson Weed seeds. The only stuff I have ever seen is injectable and it used used immediately. If anyone knows anything any different from this please let me know. I will be most interested.

On my trip to town yesterday I was checking prices and availability. The Army Surplus store is owned by a John Bircher and he won't buy anything from China because it is against his John Birch Principles. I told him that was a proper attitude 20 year ago but it won't work any more. The damage has already been done. A huge crowd of American manufacturers is sitting in China making products they sell to America and we can't do anything about that any more. You will notice that we can't get country of origin on any of our food products in this country. The government does not want you to know where the food is coming from. They are afraid of a backlash by consumers and they don't want to offend their Chinese masters. Who do you think loaned the fedgov all the money for their wars in the Middle East? Who do you think loaned the fedgov the money for the stimulus checks we all have been getting? The Bircher is living in the past. He is living in a make-believe world. The die is cast and let's just get on with living. I'm looking for the best at the cheapest price. Period.

Big Lots was not into real world bargains. No deals on tools. Not too much prep food except for some canned Turkey the Handmaiden picked up. No knives or multi-tools of any interest. Just the usual crap that America buys day in and day out. I cannot think of where they might put all of the crap they accumulate. It is truly ridiculous. Those McMansions must have a lot of storage space. And the stuff at Big Lots comes in by the semi-load. They really move a lot of stuff.

Amazing. I talked to a truck driver who had his rig parked in front of Big Lots. He said that places like Big Lots were moving products really well. He said it was simply a matter of price. They sold their wares cheaply and that is what people wanted. Sounded familiar to me!

I really truly like my new knife. I finally measured it and it is 19&1/4 " long. One solid piece of stainless steel. Pretty substantial. Sharp as a razor blade. A real keeper.

I re-read Mike Kemp's piece on the Heller decision again this morning. It looks like Ol' Mike has got to the core of the matter once again. It all boils down to "WE HAVE THE RIGHT, BUT THE FEDGOV CAN REGULATE THAT RIGHT." And that don't sound like a right to me!

That is all for right now. I gotta get inspired any more. And I will, I think. God willing. So stay alive and do as well as you can.



BigBear said...

We will soon see some of that industry moving back. They will be cottage based, make critical items like soap, employ a few people and sell in a small regional territory.

Fuel is just to expensive to support globalization any longer. It was kind of the Achilles heal all along.

riverwalker said...

To: michael

The only natural thing I have heard can be used for bronchial problems is lobelia extract. You may want to check this out.


doctorzero said...

Atropine IS NOT a bronchiodilator!

Like Staying Alive was refering to it IS the treatment for nerve agent and organophosphate / carbamate poisonings.

Jimson weed can cause some pretty serious delerium and hallucinations- STAY AWAY!

methylated xanthines found in coffee, tea and chocolate are mild bronchial dilators and may be used as last resort for asthma if you don't have your meds with you.