Saturday, July 26, 2008


I paid into Social Security all my working years. And that was when I worked for General Motors and the money was backed by Gold. The Social Security system was set up to be a payroll deduction scheme. You paid into it when ever you got a check. And there were not too many ways out of it. I remember pictures of the Amish getting their horses confiscated right from the field where they were being worked. This was in the 50's. Our wonderful G-men were right out there in the fields of Pennsylvania taking horses from the Amish, who would never take a check from the fedgov anyhow. That payment was DEMANDED by the fedgov come hell or high water. And it was all supposed to go into the fund supposedly set aside to pay us our pension.

Bill Clinton took Social Security from the "fund" and put it in the general fund of all government income. This is how he could balance the budget and leave a surplus. He was using mine and your future income to fund the fucking fedgov. Dirty treacherous sonovabitch. He stole what was rightfully ours and gave himself a big gold star for his balanced budgets. AND WE THE SHEEPLE ATE IT! We let him get away with it!

But "monkey see, monkey do" happened with the scumbags at the bank. They did it and they used pension funds to back themselves, with the collusion of the stock brokers. And now the pension funds across the land are cutting back on their payouts. And it was your rough and tough capitalists who paid their way and didn't accept "government handouts." Of course they accepted the differed tax payment while their 401k was building! But they don't accept government handouts. Kiss my ass!

And all of this just serves to divide us. All pension people will be biting the other pension people on the ass and blaming them for all kinds of weird shit. And from whence does the source of the trouble spring? Why, from your friendly fedgov! They can not let anything alone. They have to meddle with all they see. Wars on drugs. Wars on poverty. Wars on terror. And while they are waging these wars they further shackle us poor peons. How quaint. But it looks like EVERYBODY is losing their pension sooner or later. And mostly sooner rather than later.

I have taken a blog off my list of morning reading because of this shit. If they don't have anymore brains that then fuck 'em. I have also taken them off my blog as a place to go to read and learn. I will not give credit to mindless republicans who act as survivalists. It just ain't gonna happen. I think I hate republicans as much as I hate the democrats. This election cycle they are giving us the man who talks a lot and says very little and the Alzheimer Special. A pox on both their houses.

Stay alive! And invest in Tangibles. Best pension fund going!


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riverwalker said...

Tough times are going to put a strain on a lot of people.