Monday, July 28, 2008


Things are scattered in my head today. I heard at meeting last night that the Mill may be starting back up. Never knew about that. But it will be a good thing if it does. My only thought is where is anyone going to get any help from the people here in the valley? People are all employed at this point. The technicians are gone to other work. They are making it just fine. Who will get them to quit good jobs to start up a shaky mill business? The Old Man could have done it. A lot of men would have attacked the gates of Hell if the Old Man had asked. You might say he was well thought of around here. But more news on that as I learn it.

We had a Baptism yesterday. Wonderful affair. The Spirit came in and we had a little visit from Deity. Astounding. The words he said were up lifting and encouraging. We did get the message that there were many more places that God has in mind to place his people. Places He will bless and grow. Places that will be protected. Just mind blowing.

We had a goodly amount of people come to be baptized. I didn't think that there were that many folks not washed and dedicated but apparently there were. Lots of young kids and younger 20's. I saw people who I have not seen for 15 or 20 years coming to attend.

You know, Baptism is a personal thing. It is an individual honoring God. All the honor is to God and the person being baptized is doing the honor. At the moment of submersion all other folks are merely witnesses. It is the person being dunked and God Almighty that count. But He told us that he was there because it was an event that was totally for His honor and He would bless it and any other event that was for His honor only.

I wasn't in the water this time. We had a meeting an hour before the Baptism and I taught up there and got the kids minds pretty straight on what they were doing. It all worked like a Swiss watch. Perfect.

I watched a lot of videos about the Argentine financial debacle. Funniest thing. It was caused by bankers working in cahoots with politicians. Who would ever believe such a thing? Surely not a people like us who know the tender mercies of American bankers and our highly principled political leaders. HAH! Same shit, different day. I hope Argentina can work their way out of the morass they were placed in and never go back. What I can't quite figure out is why the Argentines are getting all this exposure in the blogs but the men and women who have been warning us for decades are not mentioned. We have our own saints and martyrs to the cause of financial integrity. People who for a long time have tried to warn the U.S. public of the pitfalls of a Central Bank and a fiat currency. The ground work was laid when we were the world's leading exporter of oil. When we were the world's leading manufacturer. When we were rightfully the leader of the free world. And we were warned then. And the warnings were ignored because the money was flowing and that made the warning look ludicrous. I remember 20 years ago when the Old Man told us that the powers that be were intent on reducing us to the status of peons. Sorta prophetic, if you catch my drift.

In the last year we have really begun to see the results of our crooked bankers and stock brokers. They are bankrupting the nation. They are selling us out to foreigners. And it is what they do for a living, you understand. You read through all their bullshit propaganda and you will see a monster set to devour you. And they just don't give a shit how bad you hurt. They don't get a shit how much your family has to suffer. And the politicians always end up taking over the mess and nationalizing it and the poor peons end up having to pay for the clean-up. And while they are cleaning up, the ground is being laid to do the same thing all over again. Is it starting to sink in, folks? Anal sodomy is hated by God, but it is practiced on the American public every day by it's money people and it's politicians.

And our own "Watchers on the wall" right here in this country have been watching it and telling people about it for decades. So don't go to the Argentines for any inspiration. We have been given plenty of warning from our own folks but we ignored it.

Stay alive.


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