Wednesday, July 16, 2008


The players are taking their places and getting ready for the days activity. Mr. Stockbroker is going to his post with no idea of what he will face in this market we have. It could be anything. The Bankers are all lined up at the federal reserve discount window to borrow enough money to cover their cash demands for the day. The fedgov is running most of the show and they call the tune. The Plunge Protection Team and the Discount Window are where the action is. And without those two little endeavors we would be standing in soup lines. The economy would tank in about 30 seconds without them.

And who cares if the economy tanks? "Not I," said the Michael. I am getting sick of watching the damn thing collapse. Time to change the channel as far as I am concerned. How about running that tape that shows me supervising a 40 acre truck garden? I have plenty of help in this and it is a really nice garden. I will make good profit off of my garden. At 40 acres it will be huge and there will be much surplus after taking care of the people in the village. I have a couple options for a Barterville in my area plus we have horses running out our ears. We can haul the produce if we have to. And for a while we will have to haul it. It will take time for Teamsters to get their act together. But they will. It will be necessary for trade and barter. I am looking for a deal on non-hybrid seed right now and I am not having much luck. I can probably grow my own seed but it will set me back a year on my self-imposed time line. I can have a ton of bean seed this Fall but I may have to eat a lot of it and that would cut me back on my garden seed. Gotta get busy on finding bulk seed to buy.

My good friend is planting trees that bear food but they will take some time to get up to production. But then they will only need to be trimmed and we will have food. Right below my porch is a South facing slope. Things grow very well on this slope. We have two Persimmon trees, a male and a female, and they are going to produce very well this year. Persimmons are sexually oriented. You gotta have a male and a female to get proper pollination and make little Persimmons. And our little family is only about 20 feet apart, perfect for pollination. Sometime around September or October we will have good fruit to eat. I might have to sit on my porch with a pellet gun and smack birds out of the trees but I can do that. The garden will be mostly over and tree watching will become my trade of the times. The comes the time of preparation for deer season and then the season. You gotta get sighted in and all that stuff. I already am, but you never leave anything to chance. When Bambi steps out of the woods and sniffs around the field you want to drop him like a hot rock. Then you will be popular with the folks at the nest. They will cook it for you and grind your sausage but they really appreciate it when you kill something and bring it home. And you will too when you have that good sausage with your eggs in the morning.

A chicken house would be nice. The women and the kids could feed and water the little beasts and it sure is nice to have fried chicken for dinner. I reckon you can raise three or four crops of chickens a year if you have a good brooder operation. You gotta have more on the way! And that is what food production is all about. You are always looking to the future. It can't be any other way or you run out of food. You always have to be thinking ahead. Sorta like a survivalist.

I read on some blog this morning that the average business is 8 or 9 years old before it is sold. You get it up and going and you sell it. No one wants to have an enduring operation. The writer of the piece in question was using this as an example of people not caring about their business or their workers or their country. And that has to stop. You can't make an enterprise and sell it to outsiders and expect you or your people to prosper. That big truck garden I have been talking about can't be sold! It would be idiocy! And behavior like that is what has us in the mess we are in right now. We have nothing! We can grow some corn and beans and wheat and that is about it. The rest has been moved offshore and is run by others. We are at the mercy of producers because we refuse to produce ourselves. The selling of America has to stop or there will be no more America. Period.

Stay alive.


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riverwalker said...

We became a nation of "consumers" and have forgotten what it's like to "produce" a quality product. Sadly, the once proud label, "Made in America", has almost completely disappeared.