Friday, July 11, 2008


A lot of talk about war in the Mid-East these days. Iran and Israel lead the charge. Israel is threatening to bomb Iran because Iran might get the same nuclear capability that Israel has. Israel doesn't want that to happen because Israel is a racist stat and persecutes Arabs with impunity and can't stand the idea that the field might be level in playing that game. I saw an article this week that was talking about how a group of Rabbis in Jerusalem have declared it Kosher to kill an Arab. There are a lot of pissed off people who are that way because of how Israel treats the Palestinians. Worse than any Jim Crow behavior we ever had in this country.

Then we have the Middle-Eastern bugaboo, Iran. Most people do not know that Iran had a democratically elected President back in 1953 or 1954. What an astounding development for a region used to absolute rulership vested in one man. And this democratically elected President was going to nationalize the oil industry and keep the money for Iran. This did not sit too well with Shell and Standard Oil and others. They wanted to control all of Iran's wealth. So the oil companies got with their friends in Washington, District of Criminals, and overthrew the properly elected government of Iran and installed a dictator called The Shah. The Shah had all kinds of modern weapons and the properly elected government of Iran could not fight back. Big bad America was installing their Shah and there just wasn't gonna be any opposition that had a chance. The Shah stayed in power up through most of the 1970's. He kept buying modern armaments form American manufacturers and he had himself a war machine you didn't want to fool with. He also had a secret police force called, I think, the Savik. They kept any discord down to a slight whisper. You started talking against the Shah and the secret police, trained by the American military, came and took you away. You were seldom seen again. The Shah was not playing around. And he had become a hated sonovabitch. His people absolutely hated his guts.

Well, about the end of the 1970's an Islamic preacher, they call them Mullahs, who was living in Paris, decided to overthrow the Shah. This guy's name was Khomeini or something like that. He had been hatching his plans for quite a while and he had his foundation for revolution laid pretty well. The people in Iran were all ready and the die was cast and lo and behold the Shah was out on his ass. The Mullahs, led by Khomeini, took over the country and instituted an Islamic Republic. It still stands today. They have a president or what ever they call him over there but the final word comes from the Head Mullah. He is called the Supreme Leader. He can fire the political leader for any damn thing he wants to fire him for. Sorta like the King or Queen of England can fire any Prime Minister of any country in the British Commonwealth of Nations. Queen Elizabeth fired the Prime Minister of Australia back in the 80's. Made it stick, too.

So this fella that is the political leader of Iran is very much attuned to his Supreme Leaders wishes and his Supreme Leader does not like the way Israel kicks the shit out of the Palestinians all the time. This is not good according to the Islamic Code of Conduct. And there have been wars and skirmishes and all kinds of ruckus over Israel these last 40 or 45 years. Of course, big brother Uncle Sam backs Israel 100% and thus incurs the wrath of the Supreme Leader also.

Israel wants to have oil. They would just as soon have it by conquest as they would buy it on the open market. A nice chunk of Iraq and Iran would just tickle the shit out of Israel. Then they could really turn the heat up on their dreams of an Israeli state kicking ass around the world. How sweet it is.

So the Supreme Leader of Iran is backing Hezbollah and the Palestinians while the US is backing Israel and the puppet government of Iraq. You throw in the states of Syria and Lebanon and Israel might get it's ass whupped by the Arabs, especially with Iran having Russian missile defense systems and such. Iran is big on missiles. They got 'em, buddy. And they have those Russian Sunburn missiles that no one really knows whether or not can even be defended against. Screaming little mothers. They will blow up aircraft carriers too.

So there is a little background on the current Iran, Israeli face-off. I personally think the Arabs are going to kick Israel's ass. Hezbollah fought Israel to a standstill in their last go 'round. And we get a third of our oil from the Middle-East. Gonna be more than that when Mexico runs dry in about 5 to 10 years from now. But I know that we will have made good friends of the Arabs and we will have no trouble getting oil. HAH! Bush is so stupid. He is such a puppet of the big oil interests.

Hang on, America! It is gonna be one helluva ride. Try to stay alive.


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gott_cha said...

Very good Post Michael!

This is the history that most folks do not know or have forgotten amid the damn war cries of the Neo-cons.

Our Elected tyrants praise Israel to no end . Allowing them to break every U.N chartered mandate since its state-hood became a reality.

The jewish people agreed to live at peace with its arab neighbors and to even work with them to help bring about prosperity. Well,..that lasted about one month!!!
Israel immediately went on a war footing and committed murder and other atrocities that brought about the wrath of the U.S. in those days. (yes folks America has not always turned a blind eye to Israels acts of genocide)
Every Leader Israel has lauded up through the present, Were guilty of war crimes against the palestinian people.

Now today you have these brats crying about Iran obtaining nukes. Well Shit-fire,..Israel is the only power in the region that has them. They also have refused to allow inspectors in to verify. They also have refused to sign the Non-proliferation treaty that IRAN HAS SIGNED!!!!

People say Im an anti-semite and I hate jews,.....I had Kinfolk Die on the USS LIBERTY by the hand of these lying bastards,,..think what they may,..I could care less what happens to them!!!!