Thursday, July 10, 2008


This seems to be a decent subject, with interest aplenty. It is the favorite of the negativity boys. The naysayers of reason and logic.

We face a tough time ahead of us. And we really don't know what the hell it is going to entail. We can only guess and search history and things of that order, but the truth is we don't really know. Our limited vision can be extremely frustrating. If we could only see a little more! But we see what we can and do what we can. And we can can food for hard times too.

We know we will need to eat food and drink water. God has to give us air or we die quickly anyhow. But knowing that we need to eat and drink is a strong clue as to the revealing of our path. You can listen to whomever you wish, or be as bummed out as you wish, but you still have to eat and drink. And since we don't know the extent of the ruin of our society, we face having to protect our food and water and friends. If looters and Freebooters come to do us harm we must retaliate with more force than they present or we lose it all. And who says we really have much to begin with?

What we really have is a great enthusiasm for life. We really like the idea of our kids and friends making it okay. We really like the idea of people cooperating together. We like the idea of unity of purpose and the harmony of survival.

These qualities of good are sorely lacking in today's world. The People Haters are on top right now and they do not like peace and righteousness. They like war and tribute and torture and inflicting pain. They see things as totally adversarial. There is no peace in them. How will they recognize you? That you have love one for the other. What the People Haters can really take from you is the inheritance you got from your Father, the care of others. Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. And in another place, love thy neighbor as thyself. Let them take that from you and you are a darkened soul.

So let us not forget that we must displace a lot of evil in this world. A lot of evil. And the best way is to start again where there is no evil. Get out on the land and build a little settlement. Start as a camp and grow as you can. Make Wisdom your leader and Truth your guide. But do not let the People Haters come in to your homeland. Keep the rotten bastards out! And especially keep them away from your children.

I'd like to mention a couple things to remember as we all contemplate our futures. As I was visiting that a gun store Wednesday, my friend mentioned that a gun store in Indianapolis had been robbed. It had quite an assortment of assault rifles and the robbers just drove through the front window and loaded the guns up and drove away. No time for the police to react to an alarm. Just wham, bam, thank you ma'am. Cleaned out the assault rifles and hit the road. The closed circuit TV showed it was a pick-up and that was out the extent of it. So far it is a clean getaway. But those guns are out there and I cannot tell you that they will all go to the good guys. They could just as easily go to the bad guys. And I don't really care except if some of the bastards come down here where I am, I will have to end it for them, or die trying. But do not forget these kinds of incidents. They happen and not much is said. Maybe a short piece in a newspaper and that is all. What the hell does the media care if a gun dealer gets robbed? Not much.

A couple things that need touched on is Patriotism. As one writer back in the 1700's or 1800's said, Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. And scoundrels wave the flag till hell won't have it. And they pledge allegiance to that flag. But they never pledge allegiance to me and my friends. They never pledge allegiance to the people. They pledge to an inanimate object that has no vote nor power of reason. Any sonovabitch on two legs can wrap themselves up in the flag and cry out their patriotism. And many sonsovbitches do it. Day in and day out. So do away with pledges to inanimate objects. Pledge yourself to God and your people. And do it eyeball to eyeball.

Another thing to abolish is a written constitution. Like Duyba said, "It's just a goddamn piece of paper!" You write your laws and principles down and sure as hell some sonovabitch will twist them around to enslave you. And all our politicians and judges and officials pledge to obey the constitution and then turn around and do as they damn well please. So why make it easy for them? Keep your laws simple and few. So few that everyone can remember them. Keep them simple so simple guys like me can understand them. And again, don't ever swear allegiance to a goddamn piece of paper. Look folks straight in the eye and tell them where you stand and what you aim to do. To hell with paper rules.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel. In fact, it is a bright and beautiful light. It is the light of peace and righteousness and care for your fellow man. It is the harmony of survival. It is the opportunity for your children to be raised by someone other than the People Haters. It is a chance to get a good, untroubled, nights sleep for a change. And wouldn't that be wonderful!

Stay alive!


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riverwalker said...

Too many people are letting their emotions carry them in a "negative" direction.

Judge not, lest ye be judged also.

We still need to find the good in peole. If you give up from the start, you've already lost the battle.