Sunday, July 13, 2008


Well, I went to town and got some preps and I feel very good about it. Prices are higher than hell but if you look around you can find a cheaper brand most of the time. Like I wanted to get some canned vegetables and found out canned vegetables were higher than hammered hell. $1+ for plain old stuff seemed to be the rule of thumb in pricing the food. I finally found a offering on the shelves selling canned peas for 50 cents a can. I bought a flat, 12 cans. I went looking for tomatoes and the same thing was in effect. Prices for tomato products were higher than a cat's back. But tucked in amongst the high price stuff was good ol' Red Gold Brand. They grow and can Indiana tomatoes up in Elwood, Indiana. Got their crush tomatoes for 74 cents a can and bought a flat of those too. I saw some long grain white rice in a 20 pound for $14,38 and bought it, though I was not really interested in buying any more rice and beans. Ended up selling it to my neighbor for $16. Kinda sucks selling preps, but this guy is worth it. Just let me say that he is well armed and grows a garden. He runs a huge logging company. Exports all over the world. I helped raise him. He sorta runs the place here and I sorta have his ear and we sorta see eye to eye on most things and life goes on.

I bought a gallon of Apple Cider Vinegar for the Handmaiden to store away. Cost me $3.78 and I don't know if that is a deal or not. But Apple Cider Vinegar is a very good thing to have around. Strep germs cannot live in cider vinegar. So you gargle the stuff when you get strep throat. I bought 4 pretty good sized cans of white albacore tuna for $2.78 a can. Good stuff and American canned but a little high in price. But there were no bargains in tuna and I would just as soon have the stuff I know is good. And the protein content of tuna is out of this world. Good protein. An excellent health food that is damn good to eat.

For my big whoopteedoo I bought a can that looked like it is a gallon, of Hormel Chili. The expiration date is 2011 and I will get it gone before then. When the SHTF we will have Chili here in our building! And tuna salad sandwiches. Hot damn! I read that the first three days of a bummer like we are gonna go through are the toughest and you should eat well those first 72 hours. So I am getting ready to pig out for three days, when I ain't praying. Lots of God and some good grub ought to take care of the physical man and the spiritual man. You gotta look out for both, you know.

I want to talk about that rice for a moment. $14.38 for 20 pound is almost 72 cents a pound and all this stuff was bought at Chinamart. SEVENTY-TWO CENTS A POUND FOR RICE! Kiss me where the Sun don't shine. That is outrageous. A year or two ago and it would have gone for $3 or $4. An extra $10 bill for a bag of Rice! I must have a fortune in my preps if I would sell them. But I won't. But I sold that bag for $16. Not bad.

The REALLY good news today is my buddy next door told me to call the water-well guy and get a hand pump installed in the well on the ground floor of this building. He will pay for it. It's a 6" or 8" cased well and it has sat downstairs for over 25 years, ready to go. It ain't gonna be a big deal because I can see the water in the well just by taking the cap off. The water that normally would run our little water wheel here at the building has all but stopped. Something has broken the line. He is gonna get that fixed too.

I think I should mention that my mentor is the man who put that well in downstairs, capped it, and never said shit to anybody. He was getting ready for something and it wasn't needed then, but it will be needed pretty damn soon. And he is the man who told me he had it from God that the system was gonna take a blow to end all blows. And it looks like he got the right info. Mankind is gonna struggle from now on out, trying to rebuild the machine, trying to make the bankers rich again. And they will try and try and they will fail. There will be wars and rumors of wars for a long time yet, but the dam has been broken and the flood has come upon us. Got your Ark yet? Got something for the saving of God's people? Better see what you can do in this area. Time may be getting a little scant.

I was so happy today with the posts of Mayberry and Dragon. They lifted me up and I can see hope out in the land. Maybe not hope for the system but hope that a few men out there are not going to sell out and go gently into that dark night.

Well, I gotta take my nap and get rested for meeting tonight. I hope you all had as good a Sunday as I have had and that everything is turning up preps. A good thing to remember is that when God shuts one door in your life he opens another. Be looking for the door! And stay alive!



riverwalker said...

Sounds like your mentor is smarter than most. Good to have someone like that you can call friend!


gott_cha said...

Went shopping for the "usual" groceries today ( wife had to work so I had the list)
Something kept naggin at me and I put back most of the things I had in the basket. I headed to the dried foods and canned section and loaded up on 2 for 1$ stuff and other things like Cooking Oils,..cans of shortening & lard,...pasta noodles and rice even though I have boo-koo's of these things stocked up now.

Also stepped next door to the Dollar General who had deodorant and Toothpaste ( brand name that we use) on sale,...dollar each,bought many of each...we will smell good and have nice breath for a while.

Rice seems to have stabilized in price,..holding at $12.50 for 20 pounds,..been that for a month now. Beans are still going up,..I normally buy that in 25 to 50lb sacks, but I noticed the smaller bags at the store were $2.99 per 2 lb bag.....WOW! I paid .89 per pound for the last batch.

I also noticed anything from wheat was soaring in price, and fresh produce like cabbage, Cilantro, Peppers and Tomatoes were un- affordable,...due to the salmonella scare I guess.

I love beef and thought to take a look at some packs of beef ribs.I love to smoke ribs with apple wood or hickory, What has been 3 to 5$ for a pack was now 8$ It was only a cpl weeks ago when I last bought some,...damn,..double the price,...same with all the other beef selections.

I didn't really have to buy any of this stuff as our preps are looking good,...but I figured it as an investment, will only get more expensive as the weeks go by. And, now I have some extra to help out a neighbor or a friend when needed.