Sunday, July 6, 2008


I have been sitting around trying to digest all that I took in yesterday at the cookout. It was an eye-opening affair. All these brats we raised and who became rebellious and left us are changing right before our eyes. All of a sudden we have kids we can talk to. Of course, they have kids now! But they seem wiser and more logical than I have ever seen them. One young woman I talked to was going on about how kids have so much to think about as to the road they will travel through life. The things to get into and the things that happen and all that stuff and they don't really know which way to turn. And we older types don't know either! We just think we do. But I am realizing that God has a plan and it is working and is at work. All those brats are learning about life. They are knowing about paying bills and feeding kids and taking care of the kids when they are sick and keeping the house clean and not wasting stuff and all the things we could never get across to them when they were kids. But God is getting it across to them. And they have matured and taken the responsibility and are coming along just fine. I am proud of them and I marvel at the Wisdom of my God. What we could not do he has done and the pupils are willing! Fantastic.

But that was the way it had to be accomplished. The place was too crowded and too structured for our kids to get the experience and training they needed. All the top spots were filled. There was no place to go except to be in the labor pool. so God bro0ught about a change that guaranteed their growth and maturity. The old Hebrews had a law that a male was not considered a man until he was 30 years old. I can see the Wisdom of that. And a male got relieved of a lot of duties and responsibilites for a year after he was married. I can see the sense in that also. I'll be a lot of kids were produced in the first year of marriage among the Hebrews. Those Hebrews were prolific people. They got right to business. To hell with birth control.

I look at the educational system in this country and I don't think I like it. Oh, it might be a good vocational training ground, but it teaches no one to think. About the best that man has done in the field of education is the classic Liberal Arts curriculum. That was what they called a course of grammar, dialectic (reasoning), rhetoric and geometry, arithmetic, astronomy, and music. If you had these seven subjects engraved into your mind then you could become a contributor to the human family. You could understand most human endeavors quite easily. You could build. You could ascertain the season so that your planting of a crop could be successful. You could have a discussion with your fellow man. You could write a letter. You could do sums and keep track of a business. Not bad. Not perfect either, but still not bad.

The other way to further your education was to be examined by a group of elders in a chosen field of endeavor. We find some examples of this in vocational schools. We can see it in Apprentice programs. The Martial Arts have functioned in this manner for thousands of years.

But what ever the course of study, be it an intense regimine of book learning or just succeeding on the streets, everyone gets an education of some sort. And every man's gift makes room for him. And this is a decree for God. Life is a school. Each one of us enrolled. We learn what we learn, good, bad, or indifferent.

But you might think of these things when comtemplating your home school education of your children. A chance for a child to learn is a very nice thing. For God's sake don't waste it. Like I have stated before, just getting to your retreat is not the end to your duties and your problems. You have things to do and things a plenty. You have a new world to populate and form. And you have children and grandkids to raise and school. This is as much a part of survivalism as is having seed for next years food or ammo for huntng and protection. We must prepare in all areas so we can stay alive!


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gott_cha said...

yup,..Ive stated many times to many folks on other blogs and sites I visit, that once "its" over,..Its just started,..we still have to live after the fall.