Thursday, July 3, 2008


It was a memorable day, yesterday. Everything on the market fell except oil. Hooray for the impending crash! Not much doubt left as to it happening. I hope I get my stimulus check here and spent before everything falls apart. I hate to stimulate a damn thing for this government but I am afraid that church is about to let out and I don't want to be caught locked up in the building.

I hope everyone has heeded the warnings of the last year or so. You will be well off for it. Those of you that haven't, well, the FEMA camps will be opening soon. They will make you some very nice promises. If you can believe the fedgov.

But I believe God and I listen to the bloggers and so far I am ahead in the game. And the blogs are terrible this morning. You talk about DOOMERS! I even got a post about a speech from Ron Paul saying he felt there was a big thing headed our way and then he started talking about chaos and groovy things like that. Ol' Ron is getting a bit antsy I think. I hope he has his preps in order. Probably does. As a natural man he probably knows more about what is coming down the road than most folks. He gets to see a little more data and more accurate figures than you or I do. We have a big Holiday coming up. Surely the bullshit will postpone itself until after the 4th of July! But if I was to be going anywhere this weekend I would keep my tank topped off and ready for the trip home, if home is where I would be heading. Hell, for all I know you will be going to your retreat this weekend. Take lots of goodies with you and store them if you dare. You just never can tell what will happen.

It is getting dark outside this fine July morning. Gettin' ready to rain like a cow pissin' on a flat rock. Corn! Here comes your drink! Beans! Get ready to grow and bloom! Though I think you are blooming already. Onions, get ready to retain your sweetness rather than your arid bitterness. The rain is falling now. We are inside and safe from a soaking. I like that. I hope I have the money and the time to plant Garlic this Fall. That stuff is a wonderful antibiotic that will keep the colds and sniffles at bay, if you take it daily. Our family needs a couple big jugs of grain alcohol for making tinctures. The Elderberries are not too far off. Homemade Sambucol is good for what ails you around flu time. Get those black Elderberries and get it on. Make your tincture. It won't cure your flu but it will shorten it's duration and make it easier on you.

Your health is mainly up to you and what you eat. If you eat fat and meat and good vegetables you have a chance of getting your immune system up to strength. I have been eating the vegetables from God. You know, the ones that are really good for you and are free! You had better get a book or two on herbs and food growing in the wild. It might save your life and it can damn sure make you healthier.

The rain is sorta backing off outside. But it is still dark and gloomy out there. Ain't supposed to get above 81 degrees today. Global warming, you know. Hey! There goes Al Gore to the bank again! Take ol Michael's word for it and buy extra warm clothing for this Winter. It could be a real chiller. Boots will be nice to own, especially when you have to walk long distances to the store 'cause you can't afford gasoline. Having a stash of food is going to be a nice thing. Indeed.

Just checked the market and it looks bad for the USA again. Stocks looked like they were going to rally this morning but that is disappearing quickly. The dollar was showing signs of strength but that too is fading. Oil is up, though. And remember that the King of Saudi Arabia said to get used to it!'s such a wonderful, friendly world. That ol' boy down in Texas shot those two thieves for robbing his neighbors house. Too bad he can't get to the thieves that are robbing ALL our houses right now. And it all rests on the shoulders of our elected congresscritters in the District of Criminals. There is NO money appropriated unless they say it is okay. Not the President or the Federal Reserve or the bureaucracies can print money without congresses approval. And they are mostly lawyers. Sigh...

I just looked at one of the Handmaidens foraging books. It's call WEEDS and it is by a lady named Pamela Jones, I believe. Nice book if you can find the money to order it from Amazon. Steve Brillman is still close to the top as far as I am concerned. I like his nickname, "Wildman". I think I have a fascination with that name. It takes me back to days of old when men were bold and you got what you could capture. Those were the days my friend. They need to be gone and they are, for the most part, but it was certainly exciting.

The rain is falling again and the garden is getting a good drink I am thankful of that.

I see problems on the horizon but I see light also. There is coming a big shift in human endeavor but it will end up being for the good. Men will still try to man-age affairs but secret wealth is going to appear and take care of those who are supposed to be taken care. A funny thing happened Monday morning. I am not a man unfamiliar with the unusual, by any means. But as I was sitting out on the porch waiting for the Sun the damnedest thing happened. The bottom of the clouds to the West of us started becoming very bright. Like the Sun was rising in the West and not the East. It was so strange I called the Handmaiden out to view it. I haven't the slightest explanation of it. But it was real. The horizon to the East was dark with no Sun showing through at all but the West was bright and gleaming. One more thing to put on the shelf for future thought.

That's all for now. Stay alive and keep the faith.



Phil said...

I don't know if I have said it out loud, so now I will.

I really enjoy reading your posts, seriously.
I check in at least twice a day to make sure I don't miss anything.
Keep up the good work.


Unknown said...

We are enjoying nature's fireworks here. We've had thunder and lightning
since last night.
My gorgeous garden is now looking rather pathetic. The neighbor's chickens got out and dug up a good portion of my beans and lettuce. Then my own goats got out and ate the peas and corn. We still have some nice potatoes and tomatoes, and bunch of other green leafies left. The neighbor's chickens are one fence jump away from being Sunday dinner. My goats are just lucky that we like milk and cheese even more than we like peas and corn.

riverwalker said...

I figure a lot of people a going to be getting a "reality" check to go along with their "stimulus" check.


Levy Goddess said...

me too

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