Thursday, July 24, 2008


Hey, we had Dolly Day and made it just fine. In fact we never got a bit of hurricane damage or flooding here in Indiana. I feel for those people down in Texas who had to bear the brunt of the storm. But sometimes things hinge on the luck of the draw. If and when we have a tornado go through this area and tear things up I am sure folks elsewhere will breathe a sigh of relief. You just face whatever comes your way and deal with it. We had a tornado go through here 3 or 4 years ago and it skipped over all the buildings. I was about a half a mile away from the path of the beast and never knew about it until the next day. But the guys who watched it go overhead said it sounded like they were standing next to a freight train. The roar was terrible. But we made it.

I know a ridge line about 3/4 of a mile back into our land that has a place where there is a big overhang of solid rock that you could shelter under quite easily. The Indians used it. There is a little seep spring there and it runs across a rock that some one back in antiquity carved a trough into. Perfect for watering a horse. And it fills up with sediment and you can't see the trough. You have to know it's there. But if you clean it out, the water will clarify in about 15 minutes and you can have a drink of clean water. You can make your camp under the overhang and sleep high and dry during a rough storm. You could even have a fire or make one of those fire pits that you cover with dirt and sleep on to keep warm in bitter weather. That would be the safest place in nature to hide out from tornado in this area. Some man made places are equally good and much easier to access, but this one will work if necessary and it is free. There is game in the area, water and shelter at the site, and an abundance of wood for heating and cooking. Pack your sleeping bag up there and you could live quite comfortably until the danger passed. Then you pack your stuff and walk down from the ridge and rejoin humanity.

There are some interesting stories floating around the blogs these days. One of them is at and deals with the cover up of John McCain's incredible faux pau when being questioned by Katie Couric. He totally blew it on the subject of the "surge" in Iraq. He had his time frame all screwed up. And Couric's network covered it all up and changed the film to make McCain look okay. Quite a look into the ugliness of our national media. They are a bunch of whores.

Michael Rivero has an absolutely great rant on bloggers and their success located at . He says the war between the mainstream media and the bloggers is over and the bloggers have won! You will love this article.

A new member of the blogger scene in Grumpyunk. He is from Indiana so naturally he has quite a bit of intelligence and is pro-survivalism. His day job is as an Emergency Room Nurse and the guy knows how to take care of business. will take you to his blog and let you see the inner workings of an ER. Really neat stuff. Give him a look.

We have a new gun store in the area and I know the guy who is running the operation right now. It's Sam's Guns and Ammo in Bedford, Indiana. I can buy 00 Buck in 2&3/4" size 12 gauge for $35 for 50 rounds. It's 812-276-6200. Ask for Rusty. He will treat you right.

Wife has gone to town and is picking me up a 6-pak of survival beer. God bless her. She's always looking out for my welfare and trying to keep me healthy.

Dragon has a new store on his page. is the place to go to see what the Elder Dragon has that he thinks is good preps. I've looked at it pretty close and there certainly is a lot for preppers. No crap allowed. All for survival.

I'll get back to you all later. Stay alive.



riverwalker said...

That overhang sounds like a nice place just to enjoy some quiet time.


Dragon said...

Thanks Mike, Gonna check out these others you mentioned.