Friday, July 18, 2008


I have had a strange thought come to me this morning while meditating on the porch. I have looked around at the crowd and I have looked to find who I really trust. And I must report there are not many. Too many folks have inseparable ties to the world. They like their credit. They like the Big Box stores. They like the local tavern and the outside girls. They like their car. They don't like a supervisor. They will break off from the herd as quickly as they can. They cannot be trusted in matters of group survival. And it is as simple as that. You gotta face it. The person you can trust to be there no matter what is a rare find. People bow to so many different Gods it is pathetic. And I didn't do it. They were born that way.

And there are men I have known for a few years who don't live here but who have been here. I have drank beer with them and laughed and argued. They are fine men. If the shit comes down and they are around, your back will be covered. And there will be no hesitation on their part. These are real men and they do not hesitate to get with the program. And they think a lot like I do and vice versa. It is a comfortable feeling in their presence. But it just never worked out, one way or another, for them to be here. And you wish it could be, y'know. You wish it a lot.

A man you can trust is a good man to know. Glue that mutha's feet to the ground where you reside. Ain't many made that way. Survival is not a one day game. It goes on forever. When you tie into survivalism you have wrapped your legs around a mighty big horse. And any support you get is a godsend.

Stay alive!


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Mayberry said...

This is a big issue. I can't count more than 5 people I trust further than I can throw 'em. Hell, I haven't even told my Dad about my preps......