Monday, July 7, 2008


I went to meeting last night as is my custom. I spoke about the celebration of Saturday and how I was lifted up over the maturity of the kids. They were coming along just fine. And then I got on the subject of survivalism. I got on the fact that this day coming, what the Bible calls the great and terrible day of the Lord, is now upon us. It does not seem to be in the future any longer but rather has arrived and is working it's will on the world. Have you seen any peace come over the world? Have you seen any calmness and regularity? Has anything settled down? Not that I have seen. It only seems to be getting worse. I see a pattern of financial downturns. Banks in trouble. Huge corporations facing bankruptcy. Politicians and religious leaders staggering around without a clue. Natural disasters are on the increase. And it is getting cooler as we run out of cheap fuel. Somebody somewhere is going to declare all bets off and tell the rest of the world to go take a hike. What other choice is there in the matter? We can't keep killing ourselves to pay a dying system for things that are useless. I listened to businessmen last night and they were unanimous in their belief that a rocky road lay ahead. Obstacles are appearing that stagger the imagination. System collapse is on the way. It's already started!

I don't know how much longer we will be able to go online. The big Internet Service Providers are talking about granting themselves a big raise, at our expense of course. And through the process of consolidation and merger they just about have the power to do it. I will try to keep posting as long as I can. The wife is wired for wireless and I might be able to go to town and find a hook-up. If I can afford to drive to town.

"Goin' to town." How often have I used those words in the past and how often have I heard them used by others? There must be a tally of that somewhere and the number will be huge. Life is going to change in a drastic way. I heard a man talking last night and he said that the most important rule governing the behavior of mankind is to love your neighbor as yourself, and America has not always been a good neighbor. In fact, America has ripped and torn from other nations for a long time. Then we return to the concept of as a man soweth so shall he reap. The big bully is about to get his ass whipped and it is going to be a good one. America will try repeatably to rebuild her grandeur, but she will fail because the other nations of the world will not allow it. There will come a time when all religions in Christianity will try to unite and forge a great unified movement. It will go on for a while as ten powerful men, leaders in the world, give their strength to this WHORE being created. It will fail. I give it about 15 years and then it will burn. Too bad. HAH!

But remember that it is called the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord. For some it will be Great, but for most others it will be Terrible. Places of refuge will appear on the scene. Places where men can be free and live in honor, worshipping their God in Peace and Righteousness. But these places will not be the norm for a long time. We will have to rebuild slowly, forging paths of proper behavior and proving our love of our neighbor. But it will get done. The movement will be that little stone, cut out of a mountain without hands, that grows and fills the earth. And it has been prophesied and spoken about for thousands of years. It is very sacred to God. And it is coming folks. Bet your ass, it is coming. The train is coming and you had better get off the tracks!

The Handmaidens cat of 19 years, Chili Davis, passed away this morning right next to the Handmaiden. I thought she would go over the weekend but she made me out a liar once again. She was a dear cat and I will miss her. She amused us for many years and her antics were always a source of glee in our lives. She was the consummate Porch Princess. Very sure of herself and her authority. She was with me for almost 8 years. As I said, I will miss her.

It is a gray and rainy morning here in southern Indiana. My beans and corn are getting a good drink, not that I think they were dehydrating to begin with. Rain seems to favor this place and the temperatures have been quite cool. Supposed to get to 90 today but it will have to wait awhile before it does.

The Survival blogs have been slowing down on production of late, Horror of horrors, even Jim Rawles missed Saturday. Maybe we are getting lazy or maybe we are busy getting ready for the big party. I hope it is the latter. I just read an ad on my weather page and it was for Universal Studios down in Orlando, Florida. They have cut their prices to $90 for the entire week at all their parks. Looks to me like folks are hustling for the little bit that is left.

Get prepared folks. Get your beans and bullets and band aids all up to snuff and dig in. It will be quite a ride. Stay alive!


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Phil said...

Sorry to hear about the Kitty.I have had several in my life and they are always good for some cheap entertainment and comfort.
My condolences, 19 years is a long time.