Saturday, July 26, 2008


I've been jawing with Maybery this morning. He is trying to sell a project boat for $300, with a trrailer, and the calls he is getting are crazy. People want the boat to be finished. And it is clearly listed as a project boat. He said it was people wanting something for nothing and that sounded like a reasonable explanation to me. But, it is a buyers market right now. Mayberry loves the cheap price of small travel trailers. He has plans to bug out in one of them should conditions warrant such a thing. But he doesn't like the cheap bastards who want a really good bargain on his boat and trailer. Like I said, its a buyers market. I've been through that in the hardwood lumber business and it will score your mind if you dwell on it. Either sell at the cheap price or close the doors. Hard medicine to swallow. Especially when the market has fallen on it's ass and you have been trying for days to sell some lumber and while you are trying to sell, the Mill has cut another quarter of a million feet! Ouch! Suddenly you have another 30 semi-loads to move.

I finally got around to commenting on Dragon's post about sunspots and cold weather. I have neglected it for other things. It is sure to affect few people. And for the life of me I cannot explain why. Who in their right mind would believe Al Gore? He is a nut case, or should I say a man who is trying to turn the public into a bunch of nut cases. His reasoning and his facts are seriously flawed. Dragon has pretty straight scientific proof, which I happen to subscribe to myself. I say don't be fooled by these New Age Morons who claim to be knowledgible about our weather patterns. They will take you down to a crash and burn situation and they won't be held responsible for their actions. Anybody can say anything, even a blogger. But watch especially for the people who will be making money on this. Al Gore has enough money. Give it a rest. Al.

The Handmaiden is spending her time with the Amish this morning as is her custom. She has been learning German and I am sure whe will show her recent linguistic acquisitions to her Amish friends. Can't hurt a damn thing. Maybe one day they will move in among us and we can fellowship. It sure would help their gene pool. I can go along with a lot of their practices but I cannot go along with their religion.

I am getting stirred to do something about my supply of files. Files are a tool that has a lot of usefullness to the human family. The different things that need to be sharp is practically endless. There is a way to make a file but no one has ever explained it to me. Back in ancient Egypt the makers of files had their own guild and were not messed with because they kept the secret from the masses. Back in the 60's we called that an information lock. We young folks back then learned to hate people who had knowledge and would not share it. We needed to know things and a lot of people who had the know-how kept it from us. They wanted money and we didn't have it. I don't know how to take money from people who need to know what I know. It seems so cruel to do such a thing. Some people give donations to writers and that is okay as long as they don't try to influence what he writes. But you try to buy his pen and you have destroyed his ability to transmit his knowledge. Don't do it. You could be cursing your own children.

If you have been reading this blog you know about the two banks who went under yesterday. From what I read there are a lot more to follow. Keep your money out of the banks. You don't know who is going to go broke next. There has been a great corruption in our money system these last few years and it reaches into our little towns and counties and puts our local bankers in jeopardy. So don't trust the bastards. Keep your money in cash. Better yet, keep your money in TANGIBLES. But food and land and tools and good seed and clothing and footwear and guns and ammo. Buy all kinds of medical supplies while the morons will still take FRN's in payment. You must be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove. The main thing to notice in the market place is that things that are necessary are going up in price and the things we can do without are lowering. Chinese whiz-bangs are still cheap but rice has gone to 72 cents a pound in bulk. Someone on the other end has a handle on this and it making a fortune off of it. The bastards must be reading survival blogs! Hah!

I have been thinking about the fact that Mexico has a lot of people in this country illegaly. And I have coupled this thinking with the fact that Mexico is a source of crude oil for this country. Now I realize why so many illegals have been tolerated by our government. Just call it a price premium for Mexican crude. China has huge trade with this country and they cause a huge trade imbalance because of it. But they loan us billions of dollars all the time, buying our worthless government bonds, and we have to kiss their ass for the loans. Use your head and figure out how many more countries are ripping us off for things we need. Saudi Arabia has huge investments in this country and is one of our biggest war material customers. We keep them happy and they invest here and buy here. How quaint.

I have been sprouting kidney beans bought from a grocery store. The initial sprouting caused a third if them to sprout. We put the rest of the beans back in the jar and some more are sprouting. Beans are a $1 a ound and seed is $3 a pound. We still need to test for production. If they won't produce bearibng plants then they are useless except for eating. Not that I don't admire kidney beans. But seed is the big mover in the survival business. You gotta be able to grow more!

Stay alive and learn all you can. Make your own survival Bible like Mayberry is doing. It's pretty cheap and you have a hard coppy of all the info you want.


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Mayberry said...

I lowered the price of that bugger to $200. If they won't buy it for that, screw 'em. I'll throw the boat away and make use of the trailer. I could use a good utility trailer. Or maybe I'll build me a rolling bug out shelter outta scraps and such on it. It's absolutely amazing what some folks throw away!