Friday, July 4, 2008


It rained all night last night. Water, water, everywhere. The newly planted bean field acroos the road is having a hard time this day. I hope those bean seeds came with SCUBA gear. But those farmers are gamblers. They know damn well that they can get flooded out in those bottom fields, but they know there can be great rewards if they come in, too. Such is the life of an agricultural gambler. Hit it big or just get by.

The ducks are enjoying the weather. Those ducks just really like the water. They ain't got a sign of a brain but they can make it in the wet stuff. We have four half grown ducks up here by the building in a small cage. When they get a little bigger they will be released to join the other ducks in the lake. The big ducks come talk to the smaller ducks all the time. They get a real big quack-a-thon going, exchanging all the latest duck news. I got news for those worthless pieces of s__t. If push comes to shove in the area of economics, my Handmaiden can cook the absolute hell out of duck breast. Totally delicious. Great food. And the feathers make good compost and soil amendment. I reckon their guts would bait a trout line too! Fried fish is a nice thing. Fish guts will fertilize a garden. You betcha. The Crazed Southern Woman, Charli Gribble, set some plants into holes that had catfish in the bottom for fertilizer. That is the kind of people I hang out with. She wouldn't use commercial fertilizer to save her ass and I feel much the same damn way. And that stuff comes from natural gas and I don't like paying the fossil fuel boys anything I don't have to. They get enough as it is. Nuke the gay baby whales! Hah! That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard but there is something about it that sorta relieves tension and makes you feel better. I think it is because it is so politically incorrect. And I love to be politically incorrect. And a lot of my friends are that way too. Nothing better.

Some good writing is around today on the politically incorrect front. Lew Rockwell has some very good stuff up today. I especially liked The July 4th Lie byButler Shaffer on the evil of state holidays. It talks about how our holidays have become co-opted by the government for it's own ends. So many things are not what they were originally intended to be. You can read it by going to . Butler Shaffer kinda tells it like it is. I would not be surprised if he was a prepper, but I cannot say that for fact.

The mainstream media is pretty much the same old shit it ever is. One Real Estate Investment Trust in Nevada has about 70% of it's loans either late pay or non-performing but the president of the company is saying that things are looking up. Talk shit, big boy! But excuse me if I go puke. And I got that story off of an Las Vegas newspaper. Talk about bullshit!

I wrote this morning about selling homegrown food in the years ahead. I wish to add that I believe it to be a viable enterprise. All I can say right now is to buy your next years seed right now and you will save a ton of money. I have a feeling that seed prices are going though the roof. The price of fuel will raise freight rates to the maximum. The USPS will be raising rates along with everyone else. So order now and order plenty. Consider it part of your preps. Just because you can survive a currency breakdown does not end your responsibility. You still have to go on with life. You still must produce. Start your compost piles now! We are. Buy what you don't already have. Do not trust it to be there after the collapse. Get your tools and hoes and rakes and sprayers and whatever the hell you need and do it right now. Avoid the rush and disappointment looming on the horizon. We preppers will not be the only folks putting in gardens so you will have a lot of competition if you wait. The only difference with them is they don't read the blogs and we do! But I believe they are catching on. They don't like us but they will use our brains to stay alive. And staying alive is good but not if you are planning to continue the system once things get better. I ain't going for this rebuilding of the beast that took everybody down. No way. But if you plant big next season you will have what it takes to make a living and stay alive and that is what we are all about.


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riverwalker said...

Common sense, self reliance, ingenuity, a strong work ethic are going to be making a "BIG" comeback!