Friday, July 25, 2008


I've enjoyed a lot of reading today. I read UP OUT OF THE ASHES by William M. Johnstone. A real thriller in the survival genre. It's not a really bang up job of publishing but the story is pretty coherent. This guy has a lot of books written and I think I may go on a Johnstone run. He has over 130 books out there.

Mayberry was his usual Dragon Breath Scorcher today. He blew fire on the welfare establishment and left a lot of bodies strewn in his path. Some of these second and third generation welfare recipients are getting on his nerves. He has to buy his groceries and the do-nothings get theirs for free. One day. One sweet day. Things will be fair again in our land. The economy has just about stripped Mayberry of any disposable income. He can crack his nut, just barely, and that is all. This is what is wrong with America. The good guys, the ones who work, their wife works, they pay their taxes and make the house payment and all that good shit are the ones who the fedgov finally squeeze out to nothing. Drain 'em dry. But the welfare recipients go right on, sucking on the governments tit and bleeding the citizenry. And one of of my best friends in the whole world is on the government dole. Crippled and halt. Incurable diabetic. Leg messed up from birth buy an incompetent doctor. But he got an education and he worked like a champ and he supported his family well and then he eventually became unhirable because of his physical shortcomings. Don't matter that his work record is in the area of superlative and his skill level is second to none. Doesn't matter that he is a NUCLEAR START-UP ENGINEER. Betcha never heard of those fellas. They are the guys who go onto a nuclear power plant and bring it up to steam, generating electricity. A touchy fucking job. And on the day he does this bit of magic he walks into the plant and he is THE MAN. Nothing goes on in the plant that he does not know about or allows. On that day it don't matter what your pay grade is, if you are in that plant you are under his control. This is not a position to be taken lightly and the powers that be don't hand the assignment out easily. But things changed in the nuke business and they don't build them any more. And he can't get a job anywhere else. So he is a medical basket case and gets a pension from the government and a food stamp card. And that is his living. He used to make over $100,000 a year and earned very penny of it, but not any more. He has paid taxes out the ass, but not any more. He is working a garden, trying to see to it that he has enough food to make it if there are hard times come on us. He is a proud man and will work, but it is denied him. His ex-wife cleaned his plow in a divorce and his brother cleaned him out of inherited tangibles while he was battling to save his leg in a Tennessee hospital. He is one person I feel no remorse about getting food stamps. I would not care if they gave him double. But he is an exception and not the rule. He went out and broke ground for his garden early in the year with a fucking shovel! He drags one leg around! It don't take orders from his brain! He finally got up enough money to buy a tiller and saved his ass that way. Ain't nothing fair about the government. Nothin'.

Dragon has a page up about a mini ice age coming to your local area. I happen to subscribe to this thinking myself and the latest news is not too good for all you mild Winter lovers. The picture he has up is of the Sun and not sunspots are showing. This means bad shit is on the way as far as cold weather is concerned. If you ain't got any money for high heating bills you might get in touch with your local welfare people and get your act together with them while they still have enough money to help. A lot of programs are running out of money these days. The county where I live has run out of money for fuel to run the county highway trucks and machinery. Some school systems are thinking of going to a 4 day week to save heating fuel costs. I don't care what the media says, this country has it's tit in the wringer and it ain't gonna be pleasant. Do what you can. It ain't our fault and we have paid plenty into the system to justify our using it at this point. I guess I am saying don't bitch about multi-generational welfare queens, GET IN THERE AND GET WHAT YOU CAN. I read some idiots rant this morning about people getting Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid and I about puked. I wrote him a nasty letter. Like I told the local Birchers, I have paid into this fucking system for decades and I don't feel a damn bit hesitant in getting any money back. All bets are off in the course of human thinking about taking money from strangers. We were not born this way but we were shown this way by our environment. If they want us to be gentlemen then they had better treat us as such. Otherwise, we insert the old needle and suck as much blood as we possibly can. Stay alive, any way you can.


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Sunfighter said...

Anyone who thinks social security is welfare can kiss my backside. When you’ve paid into it all your life, you got a right to the money. It ain’t welfare. Anyone who calls it welfare in my earshot will likely catch my cane up along side their head. I collect VA disability and I dare any low life to say I don’t deserve it. So watch what you say, rant all you want but calling Social Security welfare is fighting words.