Wednesday, July 30, 2008



As fallout 11 so aptly pointed out in his comment: "Ah, now if only they had been successful in privatizing Social Security, then they could have stolen all that money, and all your future contributions as well. As was the plan all along." This little bit of words tells the whole story. A few members of congress, mostly Democrats, refused to go along with the privatization of Social Security. And that might help us get back some of our money, or at least keep the money rolling in a little while longer. I remember the talk back in the day. "We can let our young people invest their retirement money in the private sector and they will earn even more than Social Security pays out." Blah, blah, bullshit. Imagine the rotten, toxic mortgages we would be trying to bail out if the banks had gotten their hands on Social Security. The Fascists would be going out of their minds trying to save the assses of their friends the bankers. The Fascists were smarter than the rest of us. They looked at the picture a long time ago and decided the future belonged to the banks. And the two have gone forward hand in hand ever since. Sort of like a marriage made in Hell. It's heaven for a few and Hell for the rest of us. War will come to our shores in the near future because we are going to default on all this debt. The score is 13 trillion in off shore dollars right now and somewhere about 20 trillion we will throw up our hands and walk away from the table, our empty pockets pulled out and flapping in the breeze. But that cash represents nothing more than debt. And the bearers of that cash want to collect on that debt. There will be blood.


We have been going pretty dry here in the valley. Yesterday the Handmaiden said we were going to have to start watering our garden. The plants needed a drink. Starting about midnight last night, the plants are getting their drink. I have a Cranberry Bean pod sitting here on my keyboard. It is cream and pink in color. There are five beans developing inside the pod and about 15 to 20 pods per plant. Could be a helluva increase in prep supplies. I gotta do some research on how to store shell-outs. Good preps!


My neighbor has some ducks in the little lake here at the lodge and also some Dominecker chickens. The dogs will chase the ducks. They have killed a few over the last few years. But the Domineckers are fearless and will hurt the dogs if they get close enough. Two birds. One kind nervous and flighty and fearful. Perfect victims for the dogs. The other kind of bird is fearless and ready to fight at the drop of a hat. This is a great picture for me to watch. Those chickens will last a long time while the ducks will vanish over the years. A guy may be little but if he has the spunk to fight then he must be reckoned with. I ain't got a jet plane that will drop a guided bomb from 30,000 feet with pinpoint accuracy, but I have a few weapons here that I will use to defend myself. I have no business attacking the Big Dog but if he comes after me he will have to suffer the consequences.


I don't get a lot of comments on my posts. But what I do get is quality. If you read the comment section of any post you will find some startling intelligence on display at times. I have some fine readers. People lovers, not people haters.

Stay alive.



cfloe said...

You mention privitization of social security and how that would enable them to steel your retirement. Are you kidding?

Social Security as it is today has already been stolen. That thing they call the trust fund. Its got nothing in it but a big collection of IOUs from the various congresses that have come and gone.

When those IOUs come due you will come to the true realization of just how many TRILLIONS have been stolen from all of us.

Privitization had one hope. To stop the theft that was already occuring. Of course WallStreet isn't any better than the political class. They're all a bunch of crooks.

Stephanie in AR said...

Try looking into muscovy ducks. According to a friend & what I've seen they are very hardy. Both parents work to raise & protect the chicks. They don't have as many oil glands as other ducks so don't need a pond and like to sleep in trees (among other things). A search would be worthwhile.

(Just rediscovered the blogger account I usually comment as Stephanie in AR)

Levy Goddess said...

I hate to sound dumb but what is the flavor difference in the pinto and the cranberry bean? I seen the cranberry beans the other day and thought about buying some for my preps but I dont think Ive ever eaten any...

Bird Flu Watcher

Unknown said...

Storing shell out beans is easy. Pick the nicest, biggest pods to save. Leave them on the vine until they are completely dried out(if it starts to get too wet you pick the whole plant and hang it somewhere dry and warm. Then shell out the beans and store them in a not quite airtight container in a cool dry place and plant next season. Peas are the same. We've done this for several years now.

Patricia said...

It's been years since I ate cranberry beans, but I recall them as being quite tasty. Can't describe them more than that, I'm afraid. I think these were the beans that the Romans used... and the Romans loved their beans.

"If pale beans bubble for you in a red earthernware pot, you can oft decline the dinners of sumptuous hosts." Marcus Valerius Martialis (85 AD)

Hah. Sorry for that--I had the quote handy and couldn't resist. Anyway, I think you'll find cranberry beans as tasty and hearty as any other variety.