Saturday, July 5, 2008


I haven't much to say this morning so I won't take up much of your time. The Handmaiden has gone to Amishland for her Saturday morning good food ritual. It helps keep us going. I am waiting for my stimulus check which the fedgov PROMISED to have here by today. I will believe them when I see it.

Not much news today. The markets are closed and we can't be whipped with higher fuel costs until Monday. Tropical Strom Bertha is gaining a little speed and could get into the Gulf in a week or so. If it gets in there and smashes a refinery you can kiss your money good bye. I would not hazard a guess at gasoline prices if a refinery gets shut down, but it will be high.

Many people are not even blogging this weekend. I think I will take a nap and dream of preps to buy with my check. That's kinda fun.

I was reading an article on flint napping this morning and the guy who wrote it must be a prepper. He said you can make a very servicable spear point or knife is a few seconds with the proper techniques of flint napping. And it doen not have to be flint. There are lots of rock that will stand up for some napping and serve you well. I find this interesting. That means that every dry creek bed or gully will be a potential arsenal to those who can nap flint. The author stressed that napping stone can mess up your eyes quite easily and you don't want the dust to get into your lungs. Safety glasses and dustmasks are required.

Stay alive.


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riverwalker said...

Checked official government website for you...said your check is in the mail! Ha Ha!