Monday, July 28, 2008


I talked to my financial advisor today, The Hermit, down in Tennessee. He made several remarks, some of which are not too kosher in strict Christian company. Of course, he knew he could say them around me! After he got done referencing bankers, stock brokers, and politicians to certain sexual acts involving oral sodomy, he got down to business. He said, "Michael, we are witnessing the largest transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich in the history of mankind." And I had to Amen him quite strenuously. And that just about sums up the condition of the country. The Hermit also said that within the bail-out bill is, I think passed through both houses of Congress, a measure that will allow the fedgov to quit reporting foreign investment in this country. They are going to tell you that it is saving you money in that they won't have to investigate all these transactions anymore. But that is a bunch of bullshit. There are estimated to be 13 trillion dollars being held as foreign reserve currency by nations around the world. And it is going to come home. It is going to come home and BUY OUR HOME! It is estimated that the Arab Emirates sock away a billion dollars in cash EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK in American money. America has always patted itself on the back for being a melting pot. Well, when the foreign wealth funds come back to America and starts buying it up, the restrictions as to who can come into this country are going to get very loose. After all, those sovereign wealth funds must be allowed to do business! It don't matter if an international gun runner wants to move into the house next to you. His buddy the international drug dealer will move in right beside him. Oh well!

And let's talk about your local economy. The Chinese or the oil rich Arabs come in and buy a couple hundred thousand acres of your local property. They will grow what they damn well please and to hell with your needs. And they will bring in people who wish to farm in America and who will grow food to sell locally. How will you make a living growing and selling food? They will come in with subsides from their home government and help from their home bank and they will cut prices like you have never seen before in your life! And all the American producers will be dead in the water. The local foreign owned Big Block store will sell so cheap as to be unimaginable. There will be no American competition to speak of. All of our patriotic friends will be buying the foreign food produced next door to you! HAH! And what business we had will collapse and suffering will be in the streets. And we can stand out on the curb with our tin cups in our hands and beg the foreigners for alms. And that will be just what the majority of Americans deserve. They have been told and told and told. And they have rejected the truth in favor of a lie. Let them believe a lie and be damned!

Naturally, me and The Hermit got to talking about bail-outs. I reckon we all know about the fedgov printing up all these huge batches of cash at their Treasury and their borrowing windows and what have you. Like the money they stuck in Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae. Now those companies are owned by stockholders who collect dividends in good times. That is what buying stock is all about. You buy stock and you are betting the company will pay you money for your wise decision. But these two companies have a shitload of toxic mortgages that are going belly up and those two companies are going to lose their ass! So good ol' Unca Sham bails them out! How wonderful! When they were making money hand over fist the stockholders kept it. But when they are losing, when money is running out of them like blood from a stuck hog, our government steps in with our tax money and makes everything all right for them again. Man! Is this a neat game or what? Profit is privatized and the losses are nationalized. I believe this is a classic definition of Fascism. So how are we to survive a collapsed currency and unfair competition? Well, boys and girls, you better save your pennies and dimes because Ol' Man Unfairness is about to tilt the playing field. And we ain't seen that here before. The fedgov, the state govs and the local govs will be after every drop of life left in the collective veins of this country. It will be merciless. We may have to open our valley borders to our fellow citizens just to save some. If we can afford it! I have heard of a fund, not substantiated, that is to pay our property taxes for five years is things go wrong. I hope it is real.

But this will force people to gather together in clans and tribes for the sake of staying alive. People will sell what they have and toss it into the common fund to buy some land and pay the taxes. If they want any kind of freedom at all. And you better choose wisely. Don't bother buying ground in a drought area. Buy ground where you get rain and some warm weather and you have some trees growing nearby to use for building shelters. Buy ground that will grow your food and worry about crops later. Get your ground and get your people and get your gardens in and a method to preserve your food. Choose a good, stable leader. Have some good rules established and then you are ready to go for it. Let's see here, a land, a people, a leader and a law. Sounds like a Kingdom to me! Keep the numbers small as to how many people you allow into your camp. Maybe by the time you are in your second generation you can have developed a leader who can attend to the wants and needs of a couple hundred people. I would almost say to get an old country preacher to start out as your leader. Them old boys have been through it and can handle a lot of pressure and human emotion. Forget these blood suckers that are so popular these days. They are only money oriented.

Stay alive.


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