Monday, July 7, 2008


Everything is going to hell in a handcart. The conspiracy guys have this all figured out. The economy fails in the second half of '08 and Martial Law in declared in the middle of '09. The civilian mercenaries, can you say Blackwater?, will begin the round up of anyone they think is a threat to the fedgov. Then it is the camps and whatever they think to do to you, or your wife, or your kids. The fedgov, in the meantime, will be joining with Mexico and Canada to form the North American Union. They will then issue the Amero and that will solve the money thing. Goddamn. they will dissolve the USA just like that! Who would have thought? But it takes a lot of stress off of me! I was worried about confrontations with fellow US citizens but since they will be North American Union guys, who cares? If it's just a Zombie there is really no concern. Burial will be a problem because there is no good ground we would donate for their bodies. But we have lots of firewood so that may get us out of that mess. Citizens would get some consideration but traitors would get the shaft. The shaft will be inserted by Mr. Remington via his 870 syringe. Sound like a plan? I got helpers already! It ain't tough to find help for certain jobs. And you never know who might show up for dinner.

We have another RN in the valley. A little gal I have known all her life. She is a hard worker and as sweet as sugar. She will be a wonderful addition to our medical staff. And she gets along with our other RN quite well. She has promised to help me with acquiring medical supplies and she knows what is needed. Life is good. She is saving money to build a house here. We gotta try and get her some help in that area. If we could run Poplar in the Mill for a half day we could have all the lumber she would need. Poverty sucks, in that respect.

I buried the Handmaidens cat on a high hill with a view to the East and to the West. Sunrise and sundown from one spot. Not a bad choice for a non-cat person. The Handmaiden will be getting a young female kitten to keep our neutered male company. Cat's grieve and a new partner in crime will help him get over the loss of his old friend. Many nights they cuddled up and slept with each other. It was sorta touching, especially when they were younger and fought all the time. They loved to fight. Kept 'em in good cat shape, I reckon.

The rain seems to have shut down for the day. I went down to the garden and looked my crops over and the beans look very good and the corn still loooks puny. But I was a man outstanding in my field. Yes I was.

The market lost today. Just a few dollars on the DJIA but about $4 on a barrel of oil. The dollar gained a bit but not enough to make difference. I still am seeing funny economic articles in the newspaper. The front page will have a story about people having a tough time making ends meet. On the inside of the paper there are stories of people expanding their business or going on a super vacation or some business man or government expert talking about how it is going to be really good pretty soon. I cannot help but think that someone is pulling my leg. A very close friend who runs a 5 to 10 million dollar log business has all his help laid off. Does that sound like good times?

The media moguls are meeting in Sun Valley, Idaho, this week. Advertising is down. Newspapers are cutting their forces. The Internet looks good but it is fragmented. That means there are too many people holding the cards. Too many hands in the pot. You can't buy a company and become a major 'net power.

The 90 degree forecast for today never got here. Overcast and cool. Global warming, you know. Hurricane Bertha is building in the North Atlantic but will veer sharply to the North if everything goes according to prediciton. And it ain't really a hurricane yet. It is still a tropical storm.

Nothin' much going on. Just waiting for the corn to grow. The beans are coming right along. See ya later and stay alive.


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riverwalker said...

Sorry to hear about the loss of the "porch Princess". Sounds like you found her a nice spot.

The economy is in the toilet and somebody has already pushed the handle down! A lot of money is going to disappear just like the rest of the crap out there.