Thursday, July 31, 2008



I made the statement that we were in better shape with NOT having Social Security privatized than we were with it privatized. I was in no way saying the fedgov was any more secure but I was trying to make the point that the fedgov could not pull the "private sector" between the people and their pensions. If the Social Security system fails then the fedgov has no one to throw off on. They have to take the blame themselves. If the checks don't come I DO NOT want Dubya to be able to say that "Wall Street got drunk." and sweep the failure under the rug. There should be a screaming amount of money in the trust fund that pays our pensions. A huge amount of money. And when it fails the people will have all the right in the world to revolt and tear the fedgov down.


The main principle of prepping is love. If you are alone and not beholden to anyone you might prep because you have self love. And self love is not all that bad. Who else is gonna love you? Self esteem is important in this respect. The next step up the prepping ladder is prepping for yourself and your mate. If young children are involved then you go to a higher level yet. After that is friends and kinfolk. We used to have Big Love in this country and part of our National Security was to have a two or three year supply of grain to feed every man woman and child in this country in the event of a nuclear holocaust or some other tragic event. And we kept eggs and butter and cheese and powdered milk and some other goodies. We were cooking on the front burners back in those days. It was almost like we were a nation of preppers. But it all got thrown away, sold on the market for money. A great idea, a sad demise.


As I was saying recently, the national income, our taxes, is almost 90% spent before congress gets a chance to do anything with it. The full faith and credit of the United States government is behind a lot of projects. Roads, crop insurance, national defense, Social Security, all the social give-away programs, etc. I am sure you can think of more. But the job description of congress seems to be that of spender of the public wealth. The elected officials get in there and spend like crazy. And when election time comes around they basically run for re-election on how they spent the money. They come before their constituents and brag about how much they brought back to the district. And that seems to be the deciding factor in most elections. Americans are so stupid. They fall for this shit every two years. And all the bragging is over about 10% of the national budget. For many decades the cry has been tax and spend! Now days it is borrow, tax, and spend!

Stay alive.



Dragon said...

The Demise of Western Civilization is caused by Greed. The Wall Mart Model of bizness is a recipe for disaster. As of 2 am this morning on the Cspan channel announced that Wallyfart was trying to buy produce from local farmers as a cost saving measure. I'm instantly suspicious of this as i know their supply chain is having problems getting fresh produce to market. Will the small guys knuckle under for some danegeld or will the continue to sell directly to the public. It adds up to a disaster in the making if they choose to sell direct. their (WW)preferred method is usually to squeeze out the competition. underselling them at a loss till the competition quits.
on a nuther note I never counted on SS at all, I never believed it would still be available when it's my time to retire.
The gist of the letter I received from SS this year was work till I die.
Keep Prepping,Dragon

Mayberry said...

Borrow, tax, and spend. Yessir, that's the way of it, and it don't seem like it's gonna do anything but spiral upwards untill it crumbles under it's own weight. That's what us "young folks" have been born into, and it's kinda hard not to put the blame on those who came before us. After all, personally, I've only been of voting age for 4 Presidential elections..... So how much of this train wreck am I responsible for? Well I say none! But let's say 17 years worth. Not much, since this train has been rollin' for nearly 80 years..... Michael, you are gettin' some back of what you put in to the system, and I'm all for that. You deserve every penny, and more. But folks of my generation will get very little, if any of what we've put in, thanks to the damned government and corporate thieves.... I won't be eligible for Social Security 'till I'm 69 (not that it'll still be around by then). If I make it that long, I'll be the first male in my family to do so. Don't get yer dander up, but maybe, just maybe you were a bit hard on Theotherryan? I understand why you were pissed at him, but can you see from his point of view? Him and I are basically in the same boat, so I fully understand his frustration. It's a hard pill to swallow each and every month, paying into a system that you know will not exist when your turn comes around.....