Saturday, July 12, 2008


World Bank: $6 Billion in Aid Needed to Help Poor Countries as Prices Continue to Rise
Saturday , July 12, 2008

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands — Poor countries will need some $6 billion in food aid annually, with food and energy prices expected to remain high for years to come, the president of the World Bank said Saturday.

Robert Zoellick said the bank also was seeking billions more dollars to finance climate investment funds to help developing countries combat global warming and facilitate the transfer of technologies from the industrial world.

Zoellick estimated that this year $10 billion would be needed to ease the effects of food inflation, including $3.5 billion for "short term safety net" projects in more than 50 countries, like school lunches and work-for-food programs.

He said the World Food Program, which feeds the world's hungry, would require $6 billion on a continuing basis.

"While we hope for some supply response, our estimate is that prices will remain above 2004 levels through at least 2012," he told reporters.

Energy prices also would remain high and volatile, he said.

Zoellick was attending a conference organized by the Dutch government on the changing functions of the World Bank.

One way the bank should evolve is by focusing more on cross-border issues, departing from its traditional role of financing development through individual states, he said, citing the climate investment funds as one example.

Zoellick said he received pledges of $6 billion for the climate funds during this week's summit in Japan of the Group of Eight industrial countries, which he said was separate from all other development aid.

Some nongovernment organizations have criticized the funds, saying the bank has a poor record on environmental issues. They say the money should go into an adaptation fund administered by the U.N. body overseeing negotiations on a new climate change treaty to succeed the 1997 Kyoto Protocol.

Zoellick said the bank's climate change fund will serve as a run-in for the U.N. fund that will be created under the treaty, which should take effect in 2012.

"It's good that we get these up and running because we will learn a lot about the technology transfer, deforestation issues and some of the adaptation questions," he said.

Michael sez: Now why is a bank doing something like this? And this bank is running a climate change fund. How is the bank going to change the world's weather? How is a bank going to control sunspots? It all started out as a talk about people being hungry and all of a sudden it degenerated into a climate change talk. There ain't any talk of tractors and tillers and non-hybrid seed but rather six billion a year in donations from wealthier countries. I think there is some kind of hustle going on here. Some kind of bullshit that is gonna hurt free thinking people. Any time a banker talks about helping someone you had better watch your wallet. Cause the sonovabitch is gonna help them with YOUR money.

And remember, the New World Order will ride into power on a chariot pulled by two horses. Peace and the Environment. Banks have gotten us into the trouble we are now experiencing throughout the world. Can anyone believe thay will get us OUT of trouble?

Stay alive.



gott_cha said...

Wonder what the "transfer of technology" bull shit is all about

Mayberry said...

"transfer of technology" equals redistribution of wealth. The NWO/ Marxist favorite thing! I plan on spending all my money, so they got none to steal. When the taxes get too high (already are in my opinion), and make having a "real" job not worth the effort, I'll quit. There's lots of "under the table" work I can do. Starve the beast man, starve the beast.

Dragon said...

Gott Cha,Laser guided munitions are a transfer of technology of sorts.

That new world order is about to freeze it's nuts off...

riverwalker said...

Maybe these countries just need to learn to take care of their own instead of always expecting the taxpayers in the US to bail them out. A little home-grown personal responsibility seems to be needed here.