Sunday, July 20, 2008


It will be a few weeks before I can do anything like this again but I sure as hell did it today. I went and bought FOOD for our prep supply. I bought a pack of factory rolled cigarettes too, just for extravagance. Not a bad deal, if you just buy one pack.

I bought another 20 pound bag of rice for $14.38. Way too high but what else can you buy for cheap? I also got another huge can of Hormel Chili to add to the supply. Got it for $7.62. Funniest damn thing but Chinamart was out of Cayenne Pepper. Minor piss off, but certainly worth noting. Do we have a Cayenne shortage in this country? We will get it from the Amish. They grow it and grind it.

I also tried a huge can of condensed Cheddar Cheese for $7.76. We will know when we open it if it's any good. But it is a huge amount of cheese. The chili and the cheese seemed to be in gallon cans.

Then we decided to buy canned fruit. We found canned pear slices in a smallish can for 92 cents apiece. I bought a flat of 12. We found canned peaches for 92 cents apiece and bought a flat of 12. Then my eye caught the Blueberries! Holy mackerel, Andy, I had to get Blueberries. Flats of those were only 8 cans but they were $2.62 per can. Ouch! I got the flat and went on my way. I had the money and Blueberries are good and good for you.

I found some canned Hams of one pound size for $2.78 each. I bought 3 of them. They could sure flavor a multi-gallon pot of beans and that will be the saving of some folks who can't stand beans too well. They were canned here in the USA and inspected by our fair government inspectors. That is important if you believe what the government says. But I believe OUR ass holes before I would believe some southeast Asian ass holes. I guess it don't really matter. I still must have some prejudice in me. One government is as big a liar as another, so why worry?

I bought six packages of Jello Instant pudding and forgot to buy powdered milk. Six kinds of dumbass, here. Powdered milk is good and good for you. The Handmaiden had me get a pretty good sized jar of chicken bullion. Good stuff. I also bought six more boxes of iodized salt for storage. And I topped it all off with two big plastic cans of Folgers, with plastic lids, but sealed on the inside. The whole thing came to $117.34. I regret I was remiss and didn't buy powdered milk. But other than that I am quite pleased with our purchases. They will last a long time and that is what this game is about.

We just carried all those canned goods and other things up to our stash and our SECOND 35 gallon can is a third full. We be preppin'! And the canned goods don't go into the big can. Just bagged stuff goes in there. I am happy to see our little supply of good food grow and multiply. The main portion of the storage food is for other folks who do not believe in what the Handmaiden and I are doing. God will provide for them. And He will! He has put the Handmaiden and I on this little mission and we enjoy doing it. I am tired of getting strange looks from people who will not walk across the fucking street for preps. Remember all those folks who would not get with Noah? I hope they were all long distance swimmers. Otherwise they became fish food. I will be offering a little better deal than becoming fish food. For sure!

Stay alive!



Mayberry said...

Good haul! Dolly is gonna eat the rest of my preps up. Oh well. Maybe she'll flatten the house, and I won't have the trailer argument with my wife anymore! The nice folks from FEMA will give us one! Heh heh heh.

Staying Alive said...

I have no mortgage and I ain't paying on my truck anymore. I have preps and hope to get more. I have learned that Corpus Christi has 3 fucking refineries. Holy shit! It could get really rough down there! Stay alert, m'man!