Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Against all advice, I have decided that Dolly is going ashore at Brownstown. Just looks that way to me. Mayberry says that a high pressure area in Lousyiana is holding Dolly on it's present course. I believe that and I think it will hold. Maybe not. But it looks to me like Corpus Christi is gonna get it's feet wet but not get blown to pieces. Good news for the refineries, at least if what I am predicting comes true. But I would not want to be in Brownstown this week. Looks like a real bummer.

If it veers and goes into Corpus, then so be it. It can't be helped. But best of luck down on the Texas Gulf Coast. Find out Wednesday morning what the plan is and best feet if you need to. Mostly, stay alive!




scoutinlife said...

Hope they weather stays safe for ya!

riverwalker said...

Hopefully Dolly will hit far enough South so that we will get some much needed rain in our area.