Monday, July 21, 2008


The lastest on Tropical Storm Dally is that it is supposed to reach hurricane status tomorrow. Take a good look at any tracking map and then go locate Corpus Christi. There are THREE refineries on Corpus Christi. Holy Shit, Batman!

Stay alive!


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Mayberry said...

There are three refining companies in Corpus Christi, Flint Hills Resources (Koch), Valero, and Citgo. Those three companies own SEVEN refineries in town. There's also Neste Trifinery, which produces asphalt and marine diesel oil, and Equistar. Not to mention there's a port terminal for Valero's Three Rivers plant here, and there's a Hoescht-Celanese facility in town as well. Their main plant in Bishop is in the line of fire as well. Celanese produces ibuprofen, amongst other things (chemicals). There's also Degussa Carbon Black in Aransas Pass. Looks like the price of shingles will go up too, ha ha. Across the bay in Ingleside, there is another Oxychem plant, as well as a DuPont plant. Not to mention all the offshore gas processing facilities......