Saturday, July 19, 2008


It's about ten o'clock at night and getting near my bed time. I don't stay up too late. I like top get up early and read the survival blogs first thing. It's a good way to start the day.

I might go prepping tomorrow, if I can get the Handmaiden to go with me. She is a good help on buying trips. Her knowledge of prices is pretty current to the market. I am thinking of getting medical and then again I am thinking of getting more food. We shall see. The gas prices may be going down if this oil price keeps falling, in which case the fedgov will express a triumph and declare the crisis over. In order to celebrate they are going to raise the federal gas tax 10 cents on the gallon. Since people are not driving as much as normal, there is less money coming into the fedgov's coffers and they have to make it up. Too many people work for the various highway departments to let the money fall below the break even point. Got to keep those government workers employed. After all, the fedgov is the largest employer in the USA and the states just build on that. Sounds like the next excuse to raise taxes. I know that 45 years ago it was not thought of as a decent job to work for the government. You were just not quite acceptable if you worked for the state on any level.

I have been noticing the gangs around the country. Big city gangs are sending guys into the armed forces to go to Iraq and learn urban warfare. Now why would an inner city gang be interested in learning urban warfare? Could it be that they smell something coming and want to be prepared? Could it be that they have something in mind to do whether the system goes down or not? Could it be that Whitey has a dismal future in the city? I laugh when I hear people deny that gangs have a command and control system. They are some of the most rigidly controlled groups in the country. You don't disobey. You don't fuck up. You never let the gang down. The gang is a machine that functions as a machine. Try not to get in the way of these bastards. They will kill you and take all you have.

I have told you the price of 20 pounds of rice at Chinamart. 72 cents a pound. The fedgov is gonna raise the fuel tax another 10 cents a gallon to make up for a shortfall caused by people not being able to afford gas to drive around as they once did. Does it appear that the big boys are going to bleed us out as best they can before the starve us? Sure does look like it to me! I have another 50 rounds of 00 Buck coming in and all I am waiting for is the truck to get here. I have the money in my hot little hand waiting to pay.

Some folks got all bothered about reading the FEMA directives and so forth. So much hot wind. Like I told them, you saw FEMA's ability when Katrina hit. Just a bunch of stumble bums. They fucked that operation up from beginning to end. I ain't scared of FEMA. I'll let someone else handle that. I have too much work to do. Either New Hampshire or Vermont has decided to take Cesar Chevez up on his offer of free heating oil for the poor. They turned him down last year but this year they have decided that oil is oil and Chavez's oil is okay to them. Big hearted guys, ya know.

Bush is actually negotiating with Iran at a big meeting in Europe. He ain't getting any where but at least the dumbass is trying to behave himself. I personally don't give a fuck about Iran. All they want to do is bomb the hell out of Israel and who could oppose that? Israel is killing Arabs as hard and fast as they can go so what is it to me if the Arabs fight back? Remember, George Washington was considered a terrorist by the British during the war for Independence. We are a nation started by terrorists. Hah! Sure does make a difference as to who writes the story don't it?

Stay alive!



Mayberry said...

Gangs have the run of this city, that's for sure. They're expanding their tagging operations out my way too. Pisses me off. But I guess they're tryin' to acquire a little more territory come SHTF.... I'm tellin' ya, somethin's brewin' big time, and the gangbangers and the city know about it, but keep the citizens in the dark. The gangs are expanding, and the local PD is gettin' assault rifles. Yay. Time to get another rifle, and to hell with electricity!

irishdutchuncle said...

palestine was the creation of the roman empire. there were towns, and there were people, there were bedouin, but there was no palestine. the people of that region fouled up. they sided with hitler against the real evil empire, which is and always has been great britain, since the fall of the roman empire. if you decide to make war, you live and or die with the consequences. the world could see that the USA was giving aid and comfort to the brits, eventhough it was against our own neutrality laws. the attack on pearl harbor, although planned by japan with the brits in the '20s, was predicted by jack london as early as 1908 in The Iron Heel. roosevelt and churchill each spoke about victory and unconditional surrender being the only end they would accept to the war.
what part of unconditional surrender don't you get? the united states fed the world, supplied the allies and won the war, at enormous expendature of treasure, oil and lives. if we wish for there to be an israel we can dictate it. all of the oil in the middle east is rightfully ours. of course we've always paid the people we've beaten for what we take, so we pay for the oil. if we dump israel tomorrow, they may have it within themselves to continue to exist. likewise, saudi arabia, jordan and iraq were created by the brits, drawing lines in the sand, on their maps and declaring it so. ultimately they will have to decide for themselves if they wish to be soverign nations, and ultimately the people of the United States will have to decide for ourselves if we will remain a soverign nation.

riverwalker said...

I deal with gang members each and every day at work. They care little for anyone and have no respect for anything or anybody. They are very dangerous. They will be one of the main threats to people everywhere. Not just the big cities(although it will probably be worse there), but in the smaller towns as well. They're in the small towns as well. I've dealt with gang members as young as 10 years old and it scares me. They have their own little "family" groups and will do anything to take care of each other. Excellent post Michael!